Faux It

Okay Ladies! it's that time of the year. Time to be tan. I've had numerous people ask me lately about my tan and decided that even though I have blogged about it before I am going to share my favorite product and my to go tips that go along with it. Now, to each is own but for myself being blonde, I feel better tan.


Obviously I don't want to actually tan so I found the next best thing. Fake Bake is my absolute favorite product when it comes to a faux tan. Self tanning has come a long way that's for sure. I've used this product for going on ten years. It's easy to use and fast! You see results right away which is exactly what I need. 

Here is my tan 101:

1. Exfoliate really well. 

2. Apply lotion to any dry area (elbows, knuckles, etc.)

3. Apply your choice of self tan with gloves

4. Moisturize twice a day to keep you tan longer 

5. Reapply where you see fit.

Now let's say a disaster has happened and you hate your tan. Fear not. Just make a mixture of Baking Soda, lemon juice, and sugar. It will come right off. What this does is even out the Ph level of your skin. Same goes for if you happen to get it on your hands. Just mix some baking soda with liquid soap and it should go away. 

Find Fake Bake here:


Fake Bake Lotion                   Fake Bake Spray                Fake Bake Self tanning liquid



Fall Is Calling...

Chili cooking on the stove..

The Pumpkin Freakin' Spice Latte..

Big huge sweaters..

Hayrides ..

Spiked Apple Cider..

Beautiful leaves..

pumpkin everything..

These are all wonderful, fabulous things about the upcoming season but nothing all year makes me as crazed as FALL FASHION!!! 

Here is my annual list of my favorite fall fashion trends and things you just need in your closet this season.

1. Gloves! I love love LOVE gloves! "On trend" or not I'll always be a fan of gloves but this season they are a big "it" item! I love them because no matter what you have on they add such elegance. My favorite pair? It's a tie between my green ones from Rome and my black ones that go up higher.

2. This one might be my favorite trend this season. I can't even express my love for it. Get ready to feel like a super hero because the cape look will make you feel that way. This girl is obsessed! Its a fresh look and hey of course I added gloves!

3. Fun tights are making me smile for sure! That's a sure fire way to spice up any plain dress. Flowers, polka dots, stripes...get crazy!

4. An on trend color that isn't on Pantone's Fall Pallet is emerald. A way to translate your pastels into Fall is a pretty pink begonia, emerald, and tan. Bright colored pants are a staple in my wardrobe because they really can bring so much pop to an outfit.

5. Marsala. After all it was dubbed the color of 2015. It's a great color, in my opinion better for more chilly seasons. But, these great pants are an awesome transition piece from summer to fall.

6. Grey. Get used to this shade being everywhere. The bonus about such a neutral color is that you can add color with a hat or say...bright gloves. See what I did there? So get yourself a grey suit on your next shopping trip.


7. Fur as always. But you know me faux fur all the way. A cool way to wear aside from the normal vest is a fur stole. Something coming back from the spring trend are feathers. Fur and two favorite f-words. Here is a cool way to wear the stole instead of just a normal fur vest.

8. This certainly won't be my everyday look but you'll be seeing more of a chunky heel.

9. A hat! I love hats, it was my first word. I always have a favorite summer hat that I rock all season and a fall one. I stayed in the grey trend with this!


10. A little bonus. Deep dark lips are all the rage this season. Try out different shades of dark to see what works for you best.

Here is the color pallet to reference for Fall.  

Cheers! To a new season, new clothes, and maybe even a new outlook.

Happy Shopping! xoxo

Happy National Martini Day!

I have two moods, "I need a glass of wine" and "Only a martini will do". If you happen to follow me on Instagram or Facebook you know that I love both dearly. After a long and sometimes rough day all I want is an extra dirty martini. So in honor of this glorious day I am going to tell you how to order it. I was a bartender for a long time so I am lucky to have the knowledge of many random things.

  • First, sometimes it can be intimidating when sitting down at your favorite bar to order something that requires a few questions. First, gin or vodka? That's a personal preference but I, myself am a fan of vodka. To me, its a smoother taste. 
  • Dry, wet, or perfect? Say what? This is the Vermouth part. Dry means less vermouth, wet means you want more, and perfect is equal parts of sweet and dry vermouth. I like a wet martini.
  • Shaken or stirred? Are you thinking of James Bond? I, like Mr. Bond prefer it shaken. This is as simple as it sounds, shaken in a tumbler or just stirred.
  • Straight up or on the rocks means ice or no ice. I do not like ice in my martini at all but some do. If it's shaken then it will be already chilled. 
  • The garnish next, "with a twist" is a lemon or if you're like me, an olive. My very favorite is one goat cheese stuffed olive. A Gibson is just with a different garnish like an onion or even a pickle! Order it that way if you are feeling like living on the edge. 
  • What does dirty mean? Dirty is with a splash of olive juice..I like a little more than a splash. 

Fun martini fact!

Having an even number of olives is considered to be back luck. Always have an odd number!

While we are talking about it, see what your signature drink is!

I got Champagne, not a martini haha!


Cheers and tip your bartenders well!