A Marbel Marvel

I haven't done a Mani Monday in so long! Mostly because I rarely have much time to mess with my nails. I hardly have enough time to sit in a nail salon. Uh hate it! Ants in my pants! Anyway since I'm a DIY kinda girl I thought I would share this very festive nail art post. Disclaimer: I am so not a nail artist, I'm just looking to switch up my "norm". I'm usually all red all day all the time. So for this gloomy monday I am sharing how to do the marble nail look. Valentines Day is just around the corner so this could be your go to vday look. 

This is a super easy and fast look. For the marbled look all you do is pick your base color and your second color. Polish your nail with your first color, do two coats, let dry, and then do dots on the top of your nail. Let it sit for a bit, and then drag a toothpick through your dots until you reach your desired marble look. Play with colors to see which you like best. 

I love messing with nails because they can so easily be changed. It's fun to dabble with different. Have a wonderful Monday!  


Done Up

No better way to spend an evening than in a pumpkin patch with my best friend! We had such a fun evening getting lost in corn mazes and enjoying the cool fall day. Checking this one off the Fall Bucket List!

My hair is long and sometimes I don't feel like dealing with it. Recently, I fashioned a very large bun and someone messaged me on Snapchat (fastfashionista) and asked me how I did it. So here is a quick how to. It's so fast especially if you are low on time. I used a sock bun but not in the normal way when you roll your ponytail around it. You simply make a pony (this part is optional but makes for a more sturdy do) and place the sock at the all the way at the bottom and wrap your pony around the sock and secure with bobbi pins. That's it. Perfect for a quick chic updo. 

Fast Tip: If your hair is straight it won't work as well so make sure to tease it.

Happy Wine Wednesday! Cheers!


Faux It

Okay Ladies! it's that time of the year. Time to be tan. I've had numerous people ask me lately about my tan and decided that even though I have blogged about it before I am going to share my favorite product and my to go tips that go along with it. Now, to each is own but for myself being blonde, I feel better tan.


Obviously I don't want to actually tan so I found the next best thing. Fake Bake is my absolute favorite product when it comes to a faux tan. Self tanning has come a long way that's for sure. I've used this product for going on ten years. It's easy to use and fast! You see results right away which is exactly what I need. 

Here is my tan 101:

1. Exfoliate really well. 

2. Apply lotion to any dry area (elbows, knuckles, etc.)

3. Apply your choice of self tan with gloves

4. Moisturize twice a day to keep you tan longer 

5. Reapply where you see fit.

Now let's say a disaster has happened and you hate your tan. Fear not. Just make a mixture of Baking Soda, lemon juice, and sugar. It will come right off. What this does is even out the Ph level of your skin. Same goes for if you happen to get it on your hands. Just mix some baking soda with liquid soap and it should go away. 

Find Fake Bake here:


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