Chic & Boozy

Hello Friday and hello weekend I'm so ready for you! Mostly because its our last one off in a loooooooooong time. 

It's no secret that Fall Fashion is on my brain and I'm pretty much living for it right now. So for today's Martini Moment, I bring you a chic DIY and a very fun and potent drink recipe.

I've said it a million times: I love feathers!! So when they are on the runways I basically freak out. And there are a lot of feathers on the runways for this season. Today, I'm sharing a fun way that you can make your own earrings with the feather trend because not only are feathers on garments they are on accessories! This DIY is quick and so SO trendy! 


Here is what you need: 

(I went to Hobby Lobby) 

Wire of your desired color

Your choice of feathers and beads

Wire cutters

E6000 glue

J Hooks

Simply cut your wire as big or small as you'd like your earring. Then, loop your feathers through the wire (with these, from Hobby Lobby you can adjust the plastic loop at the top), add some beads on the sides, and then glue your wire circle with the E6000 glue (or solder if you're confident enough which I was not). After that, snap your circle into your J Hook. Boom! Chic and ready for date night! 


But what's date night without a drink before you walk out the door?!  

You guys, beware this drink is strong. Tasty but strong. I love Chambord so I thought it would be such a cool drink recipe. 


Simply add everything except the cherry to a martini shaker over ice minus the cherry and strain into a martini glass. 

I hope all of you have a fabulous weekend!






Done Up

No better way to spend an evening than in a pumpkin patch with my best friend! We had such a fun evening getting lost in corn mazes and enjoying the cool fall day. Checking this one off the Fall Bucket List!

My hair is long and sometimes I don't feel like dealing with it. Recently, I fashioned a very large bun and someone messaged me on Snapchat (fastfashionista) and asked me how I did it. So here is a quick how to. It's so fast especially if you are low on time. I used a sock bun but not in the normal way when you roll your ponytail around it. You simply make a pony (this part is optional but makes for a more sturdy do) and place the sock at the all the way at the bottom and wrap your pony around the sock and secure with bobbi pins. That's it. Perfect for a quick chic updo. 

Fast Tip: If your hair is straight it won't work as well so make sure to tease it.

Happy Wine Wednesday! Cheers!


Out With The Old

I'm embracing 27 with a new "do" and Rosé! Summer is coming and it's the perfect time for a new chic change. And I'll tell ya, I am all about a little change in life.

Also how about that adorable wine holder?! Perfect for bonfires or laying out! 

Hope your Monday is just fabulous!

A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life.
— Coco Chanel