The Skirt of the Summer

Hello Tuesday!

I don’t know about you but I sure could use a do over from yesterday. Between a not sleeping Theo Sunday night and growing a human it was a very unproductive Monday for me.  So today...I do all the things.

Glamour, Huff Post, The Cut, even The Zoe Report have made pretty clear that the leopard midi is the skirt of the summer I thought it would be a perfect time to do “Skirts” for the Dior Dictionary Word this week.  


I always think how interesting it is to look at how most people looked at fashion back in 1954 when Dior wrote this book. I feel fashion has become far more relaxed and while I usually don’t agree with that, this time I really don’t agree with how strict this sounds when wearing a skirt. If you love a skirt and feel good in it then girl, wear it!  


One thing that I just love that Dior says is that “Like everything is fashion your clothes must always give you the feeling that they are easy to wear.”  I think this is the big take away here and that is something that will never get outdated. You have to feel good in what you’re wearing and it should feel effortless. While it’s very true this skirt won’t fit me much longer it was the perfect thing to wear while running errands with MK. 


I hope you all have a fantastic Tuesday thats productive, short, and ends with a glass of vino.  


Fresh & Bubbly

Hello, hello!

We made it to Friday which most certainly calls for a drink! But first, I wanted to share my favorite herbs that I plant every single year and how to cook (or drink) with them.


Here are some of my favorites and what to pair them with when you’re cooking or drinking:

Rosemary: I always throw this in when I make a roast. When you cook lamb, pork, chicken or roasted veggies this is your go to. Also I love this for drinks too! Back in March I did a Martini Moment where I made an apple, pear, and rosemary simple syrup. So delish!

Basil: pairs with tomatoes, seafood and really any kind of meat. I like to make pesto with it and use a little in my pasta sauce.

Mint: This is my favorite to throw in my summer drinks. Adds so much freshness! It also pairs well with fruits, veggies and lamb.

Oregano: Use this one with anything! Meats, fish, or veggies.

Parsley: This is a great garnish if you need a finishing touch. Mine is “curly parsley” which is best used for this. Think some color on your potatoes.

Now on to our drink for the week! I was so excited to make this one for you guys because it is my summer staple! Obviously mine is a mocktail but it works both ways and it so refreshing either way.


This has been my drink for so many years so I hope you make it and love it as much as I do!

Have a fantastic weekend Friends!


Fast Summer Food Hacks

It’s almost Summer so that means all the delicious summer food we’ve been waiting for! I thought I would share three of my favorite summer food hacks that make life just a tad easier. Today it’s all about watermelon, corn on the cob, and fresh herbs.

Who isn’t obsessed with watermelon this time of year? I eat it constantly but always dreaded cutting it up.  

1. The easier way to cut watermelon:

Just cut it in half, and on the rind side make four long slices that don’t quite go all the way through. Then, make horizontal and vertical slices on the watermelon side and scoop out the inside.


I so deeply love salads and eat them all year round but when it comes to meal prepping sometimes it’s hard to keep the lettuce fresh. 

2. Put a paper towel over your lettuce and cover it with plastic wrap and it will stay fresh for a week!


I cook (and make drinks) with lemons and limes all the time so this super fast food hack has made such a difference!

3. Roll your fruit with the palm of your hand back and forth and then put lemons or limes in the microwave for 15 seconds before juicing to get more juice.  


Few things are better than corn on the cob this time of year but I absolutely hate to shuck corn. It takes too long and it’s so messy! Years ago, a friend of ours showed me this trick with corn and I never went back.

4. Cut the end off the corn and pop it in the microwave for three minutes per corn. The silk and everything will slide right off.  


 I hope these summer food hacks help you out this season by getting on with you cooking or hosting faster!