Jumping Into Spring

When MK and I bought our house, there were a lot of things to think about and look at. Since it was October when we decided to make the move one thing we wern't thinking about was the massive amount of landscaping that came with this house. We will be here two years in th Fall and we still haven't had a chance to tackle all of it. 

We love being outside and when the weather breaks we can't wait to get outside. You have have seen this K in some of my posts. This was our last year project and I'm finally around to showing you how we did it. We wanted something a little different besides flower after flower so we came up with the idea to do a "K" in our mulch. You don't need a lot of landscaping to personalize your yard. Maybe just a smidge of patience. Which is exactly why MK did most of it. 

On to this cozy dress and my latest project. As you know I love to cook and there is nothing like cooking with fresh ingredients. I call this my "Cookin' Box". All the herbs I need to get busy in the kitchen. It's an easy project that is so worth doing. Simply choose your favorite herbs to cook with. I picked Basil (my favorite!), Thyme, Rosemary, and Dill. I keep my herb box in the sunroom so it gets plenty of light.  

On to the dress. This JustFab number is so perfect for being outside in the garden or sipping some drinks with friends on the patio. Throw some heels on to dress it up or forget the shoes all together and be barefoot and fancy free in this beautiful spring weather!

Enjoy your Monday pretties! It's going to be beautiful!


Faux It

Okay Ladies! it's that time of the year. Time to be tan. I've had numerous people ask me lately about my tan and decided that even though I have blogged about it before I am going to share my favorite product and my to go tips that go along with it. Now, to each is own but for myself being blonde, I feel better tan.


Obviously I don't want to actually tan so I found the next best thing. Fake Bake is my absolute favorite product when it comes to a faux tan. Self tanning has come a long way that's for sure. I've used this product for going on ten years. It's easy to use and fast! You see results right away which is exactly what I need. 

Here is my tan 101:

1. Exfoliate really well. 

2. Apply lotion to any dry area (elbows, knuckles, etc.)

3. Apply your choice of self tan with gloves

4. Moisturize twice a day to keep you tan longer 

5. Reapply where you see fit.

Now let's say a disaster has happened and you hate your tan. Fear not. Just make a mixture of Baking Soda, lemon juice, and sugar. It will come right off. What this does is even out the Ph level of your skin. Same goes for if you happen to get it on your hands. Just mix some baking soda with liquid soap and it should go away. 

Find Fake Bake here:


Fake Bake Lotion                   Fake Bake Spray                Fake Bake Self tanning liquid



So Glossy

I honestly cannot believe it's July! How did that happen so fast?

This Glossybox was so fun! Here are my thoughts:


I'll start with my favorites. Out of this box I really love the Too Faced mascara "Better Than Sex". Now I wouldn't quite go that far but this product is great. I would say it is definitely worth $23.00. Two coats of this mascara will give you long fabulous lashes.

Next is the Orly nail polish. I have always been a really big fan of this polish. I have so many colors from them and I think they are all great! Especially this color, So fun! Also being that it's smaller it's perfect for travel.

I was so excited to see that I got lip plumper but the results were a little lacking. For $40 (retail) I really wasn't impressed.  

The next two I am going to put together as they both contain Aloe. The Aloe source Vitamin C Antioxidant Creme and the Etre Belle Cosmetics Aloe Gel are both great for summer and moisturizing but nothing to really write home about.  

I feel like since we've made it midweek you should go out and buy yourself something to make you feel pretty! My vote? Too Faced Mascara from Sephora!