Spring Fashion

Lovely Lavender

Happy First Day of Spring!!! 

I'm ignoring everything they are saying about the impending snow we are supposed to get. I can't hear yooooou! Anyway. After Pantone named the color of the year "Ultra Violet" it was pretty safe to assume we would be seeing a lot of purples this season. Lavender has been a runway staple for this season. Now, I can totally understand if you aren't a fan of this color trend but if you are and aren't so sure how to wear it I'm giving you a couple Fast Tips on how to rock it this season. 

Pair it with a yellow. They are complementary colors and will always look good together.  

On the flip side of that you could wear a print that has similar colors that are on the same side of the color wheel. 

If you aren't so into colors, rock an all black look letting the lavender speak for itself.

May your Tuesday be short but not your patience.  

Fancy Florals

It's no secret that spring and florals go hand and hand. Anyone thinking Miranda Priestly again? Anyway, groundbreaking or not I love a good floral print and this one does not disappoint! It truly does make you want to twirl.  

This week has felt like the longest week ever! Busy and long are never a good combination but it's a holiday weekend and I for one am so ready! Keeping this post short and sweet. You have to check out Everly Oak's spring collection. It's so girly and fun.  

One thing I wanted to touch on today is your signatures. Mine are the ever-so-classic Jackie O sunnies, huge pearls and red lips. Find yours and stick to them. Even if you aren't feeling your outfit your signatures can save the day! 

Top: https://www.everlyoak.com/collections/blouses/products/ivy-blouse  Skirt: https://www.everlyoak.com/collections/skirts/products/fiona-floral-skirt

Top: https://www.everlyoak.com/collections/blouses/products/ivy-blouse

Skirt: https://www.everlyoak.com/collections/skirts/products/fiona-floral-skirt


For those of you who are lucky enough for today to be your Friday I hope you enjoy! Stop by tomorrow for a very festive Martini Moment! 


Jumping Into Spring

When MK and I bought our house, there were a lot of things to think about and look at. Since it was October when we decided to make the move one thing we wern't thinking about was the massive amount of landscaping that came with this house. We will be here two years in th Fall and we still haven't had a chance to tackle all of it. 

We love being outside and when the weather breaks we can't wait to get outside. You have have seen this K in some of my posts. This was our last year project and I'm finally around to showing you how we did it. We wanted something a little different besides flower after flower so we came up with the idea to do a "K" in our mulch. You don't need a lot of landscaping to personalize your yard. Maybe just a smidge of patience. Which is exactly why MK did most of it. 

On to this cozy dress and my latest project. As you know I love to cook and there is nothing like cooking with fresh ingredients. I call this my "Cookin' Box". All the herbs I need to get busy in the kitchen. It's an easy project that is so worth doing. Simply choose your favorite herbs to cook with. I picked Basil (my favorite!), Thyme, Rosemary, and Dill. I keep my herb box in the sunroom so it gets plenty of light.  

On to the dress. This JustFab number is so perfect for being outside in the garden or sipping some drinks with friends on the patio. Throw some heels on to dress it up or forget the shoes all together and be barefoot and fancy free in this beautiful spring weather!

Enjoy your Monday pretties! It's going to be beautiful!