Lovely Lavender

Happy First Day of Spring!!! 

I'm ignoring everything they are saying about the impending snow we are supposed to get. I can't hear yooooou! Anyway. After Pantone named the color of the year "Ultra Violet" it was pretty safe to assume we would be seeing a lot of purples this season. Lavender has been a runway staple for this season. Now, I can totally understand if you aren't a fan of this color trend but if you are and aren't so sure how to wear it I'm giving you a couple Fast Tips on how to rock it this season. 

Pair it with a yellow. They are complementary colors and will always look good together.  

On the flip side of that you could wear a print that has similar colors that are on the same side of the color wheel. 

If you aren't so into colors, rock an all black look letting the lavender speak for itself.

May your Tuesday be short but not your patience.  

Gorgeous Greenery

By now I'm sure that most of you have heard Pantone's the color of 2017 is "Greenery". I normally do a post about this yearly announcement but this year I'm just as thrilled as when it was Emerald in 2013. Green is my most favorite color! Even "Kale" made it's way into the 2017 Spring color palette! Which I decided to rock with a little added sparkle!  

I think it's so funny and very hipster to throw kale into spring's colors but I love it!  

I do adore a great color combo and also tend to pair on opposite sides of the color wheel. Burnt Orange and Kale are a match made in heaven. Add a little leopard and you've got a great outfit. 

I don't know about you but I for one am very excited to welcome a new year and new fashion possibilites. Here is Pantone's Spring 2017 color palette.

Who's ready to start shopping?


I've got a lot of fun things in store for you this week. Look for delicious recipes, and a very sparkly DIY on Friday's Martini Moment.

Have a great week leading up to Christmas! I hope your coffee is strong and your shopping is done!


Color Me Fabulous

This week is all about thinking Spring and Color!

I always get so excited when Pantone releases the color pallet for the season. Let's talk about the colors that are "in". In my post "Be Bright" I talked about how yellow is a huge color this Spring more specifically "Buttercup" according to Pantone.  I decided to choose some of my favorites and provide some tips along the way. 

First up, Fiesta! I love red so deep in my soul!

Fast Tip: When you wear red let it be the main color. Too much color could be an overwhelming look. Especially when there is a lot of fabric, like my skirt.


This Fabulous skirt is from Forever 21 and these beautiful shoes are from Just Fab!

Here is the full list of the Spring Colors!