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Spin It Your Way

Bonjour Friends!

How does it feel like it should be like Thursday by now? Maybe because I have a teething toddler who is just not having it. Anyway, Forth of July Week! I hope that means you get some days off!

This week, Dior’s Dictionary Word is “Collars”. At first I wasn’t all that interested in this word but then I started to think about ways I could really make it my own. Which is what I do with most things but I’m so excited with how I’ve been rocking my collars!


I chose a crisp white collar because to me it felt like a blank canvas that I could do anything to. As I’ve talked about before I loved the fashion in “A Simple Favor” and these looks felt very reminiscent of that style. I certainly agree with Dior that it’s amazing how many collars are out there! They really can make or break a look. But, I will be wearing this top twice, sorry Christian.


The moral of my post today?

Make it your own and put your own spin on fashion!


Fundamentals of Fashion

Hi Friends!

This week’s Dior word of the week is more of a phrase.

I’m really glad he put this in his book…

Key to Good Dressing.jpg

The reason I’m so glad he added this is because there can be so much pressure in fashion even if you are only slightly into it. That isn’t even counting the second you pull up Instagram and you see the sort of famous “Insta Models”. My point is I’m glad he said this because there truly is no key. Don’t stress out over looking “perfect”. Have about 10 garments that you love, feel good in, and know it’s a no fail look. For me, I adore a cape and you can’t go wrong with black and white.


My food for thought? Own who you are, your style, and certainly don’t give a damn about anything else when it comes to dressing.

Be you.❤️

Individuality will be always one of the conditions of real elegance.
— Christian Dior

Put Together and Polished

Clearly we all know what earrings are. But I must say I just adore the way Dior speaks. This was the days where heading to the country for a weekend was a thing. I picture that couple sitting in a convertible, the woman with a scarf around her head so that her hair doesn’t get messed up buy the wind…

Okay, enough day dreaming….


Having worked in jewelry for a couple of years I got to see to many amazing earrings. True works of art. And I believe every woman should have a simple pair of earrings for every day. My favorite is of course, pearls. But I must say nowadays, you don’t have to save those big fun earring just for evening. Here are two pretty different looks of mine:


Even if your hair is down earrings really do finish off a look. This could be the only jewelry you have on and it will still always make you look more polished and put together.

Here is to a new week!