Fast Tips

Everyday Elegance

Happy Monday!

If there is one thing I advocate it’s glamour. Every day, all the time. The word itself is Scottish and means magic. Who wouldn’t want to add that to their life? I think two words that go hand in hand are Glamour and Elegance.

And that is today’s Dior Dictionary Word:


The day doesn’t have to be special or unique. It could be an average morning that is pretty much the same as all the others. But here is where you add your sparkle to the day. A lot of people associate “glamour and elegance” with money. Which is a shame because it has nothing to do with a dollar sign. It’s is a state of mind and I’m here to help add a little shine to an ordinary day. I work from home so it may differ from person to person but here are five fast tips on how to add some glamour to your every day life.

Ways to add elegance and glamour to every day life:

Start your day with music! Whatever makes you feel good. In my house I always have artists like Frank Sinatra, Eartha Kitt, Ray Lamontagne, and various French artists playing.

If you work from home still get ready. Sure there are some days I sit in sweats and am totally useless but let me tell you getting ready makes me want to be more productive and actually be ready for the day ahead.


Wear lingerie! Even if no one sees it. The point is that it’s for you. You don’t have to be a collector like me but it makes you feel great and stand up a little straighter, too.

Keep fresh flowers in the house. This is one thing I’ve done for years and definitely makes me happy.

Invest in “you time”. This is so important because we all lead very busy lives and this is a huge part of self care. It could just be sitting outside and enjoying a cup of coffee or glass of wine.

Never skip perfume! My current favorite is Chanel Coco Noir.


Have a signature meal to cook. For me, it’s fresh pasta, sauce, and bread.

Don’t obsess over your looks but put yourself together. I have a 2 minute face that I’ll put on when I’m not “going anywhere”. Just BB Cream, brows, and mascara. You feel put together even if it’s just for your toddler to see.

Keep in mind, things like this are important because most of it is self care. And what’s more important than that?

I hope your week starts off sparkly!


Tan & Tipsy

Happy Friday and hopefully you get to continue the celebrating today and into the weekend!

Every year I do a post about my tan. I stay tan all year round because I’m so blonde and look a little dead when I don’t have a tan. Hey, it makes me a better person ok? But staying tan all the time isn’t always easy.

  1. Exfoliate (duh). This one should go without saying but still always do it. Your tan will last so much longer.

  2. Put a little lotion on any really dry spots like elbows.

  3. Apply your tan. I use Fake Bake and have used them for over ten years. They are AMAZING. Hands down the best tan I’ve come across. I get Fake Bake Flawless Darker ( This isn’t a sponsored post I just love the product. No streaks and the perfect color.

  4. Moisturize twice a day.

    More fast tips:

    Use a mitt to apply a tan and make your hand like a claw to get in cresses.

    In a hurry? Get your tan to dry fast by setting your blow dryer on cool and blast it.

    Don’t get sweaty for at least 12 hours.

    If you hate the tan and are in a major situation (I’ve saved a few brides from a bad spray tan) then all you do it make a mixture of baking soda, sugar, and lemon juice. It will come right off. So you can use this when you’re ready to start over with a tan too. I always scrub down with baking soda before applying a new tan to get rid of any excess.

Now that you’re tan it’s time for a drink! I’m all about a watermelon cocktail! So I’ve created this one just for you bronzed babes who just need a summer cocktail on a Friday.


First make a small piece of watermelon maybe a tablespoon and muddle it in the bottom of your glass. Then fill with ice, add and mix everything but the Midori. When you’re done mixing then top with Midori. Garnish with watermelon of course.

Like I said I hope you’re parting right into the weekend!


Your Close Up

Happy Friday Everyone!

MK and I have been behind the camera lense having owned our photography company for nine years. We have seen a lot of things...a lot of things. Most of which we can't talk about of course but one thing that we can indeed talk about is how to look good in front of the camera. You may have heard some of these before but they are no fail. Here are a few tips for your next photo with friends, OOTD, or if you see us headed toward you at a wedding. 


1. Sometimes in photos it's hard not to smile big. This is a hard one for me cause I'm a cheeser. But when you do this you usually have squinty eyes in photos. If you put the tip of your tongue to the roof of your mouth you'll avoid the squint and have just the right smile.  

2. The right angle and side. Everyone has their "best side". When you know which one that is, angle a little up or a tad down in a photo. It will eliminate shadows and also help with the dreaded double chin.

3. Do the twist. This is my favorite. Being a former dancer I'm pretty comfortable in 5th position but it helps with posture. Stand in a 5th (ish) position, put your hand on your hip, and twist to the camera.

4.  Criss cross. Another favorite is to cross your ankles in a photo. It always slims you out. If you have pockets here use them!

5.  Don’t be too stiff. When we shoot weddings we always make sure not to pose anyone too much because no one is going to like a photo where everyone looks uncomfortable. Relax. The photo will always be better that way.

It’s Martini time! This recipe is my new favorite. It’s so refreshing and perfect for summer. Put your vodka, Triple sec,  lime juice, and a couple drops of Strawberry Watermelon water enhancer in a shaker over ice. Then strain into a martini glass and top with Sprite. Garnish with lime. Cheers!


Have the best weekend! I hope it’s full of good food, even better outfits, and delicious drinks!