Fast Tips

Your Close Up

Happy Friday Everyone!

MK and I have been behind the camera lense having owned our photography company for nine years. We have seen a lot of things...a lot of things. Most of which we can't talk about of course but one thing that we can indeed talk about is how to look good in front of the camera. You may have heard some of these before but they are no fail. Here are a few tips for your next photo with friends, OOTD, or if you see us headed toward you at a wedding. 


1. Sometimes in photos it's hard not to smile big. This is a hard one for me cause I'm a cheeser. But when you do this you usually have squinty eyes in photos. If you put the tip of your tongue to the roof of your mouth you'll avoid the squint and have just the right smile.  

2. The right angle and side. Everyone has their "best side". When you know which one that is, angle a little up or a tad down in a photo. It will eliminate shadows and also help with the dreaded double chin.

3. Do the twist. This is my favorite. Being a former dancer I'm pretty comfortable in 5th position but it helps with posture. Stand in a 5th (ish) position, put your hand on your hip, and twist to the camera.

4.  Criss cross. Another favorite is to cross your ankles in a photo. It always slims you out. If you have pockets here use them!

5.  Don’t be too stiff. When we shoot weddings we always make sure not to pose anyone too much because no one is going to like a photo where everyone looks uncomfortable. Relax. The photo will always be better that way.

It’s Martini time! This recipe is my new favorite. It’s so refreshing and perfect for summer. Put your vodka, Triple sec,  lime juice, and a couple drops of Strawberry Watermelon water enhancer in a shaker over ice. Then strain into a martini glass and top with Sprite. Garnish with lime. Cheers!


Have the best weekend! I hope it’s full of good food, even better outfits, and delicious drinks! 


Picture Perfect

Since wedding season is in full swing and many of you will be getting glam for your big day or your pals day I thought I would share some of my tips. MK and I have been photographing wedding for nine years and I've been doing a ton of makeup (and hair) throughout the years. After over 150 weddings shot, I sure have seen just about everything. From spray tans gone wrong, black marks on a dress, or even shoes breaking walking into the church. I know how to handle just about everything. I could go on and on about that but for now, I'm sharing my pro makeup tips for your next event.


1. Stay away from shine!! Keep it matte all the way. Now that the weather is warmer lets face it, you can get a little sweaty. Thats a bad combination with shiny make up and being photographed.  

2. If you aren't having your makeup professionally done, make sure your foundation matches your skin tone perfectly. If not, the photos will show that it doesn't.  

3. When I do a brides makeup unless requested otherwise I always try to keep her as natural as possiblele and as close to what she looks like normally with just a tad more glam. You never want to look at your wedding photos in 20 years and say "What was I thinking with that makeup?!".  At the same time you don't want to go too light on the makeup because even if you feel like your eyes look a little heavy with makeup, it won't photograph that way. I call it natural glam. 

4. When it comes to liner, I always use a gel because I like the way it looks. Also, I'll start the liner in the middle of the eye because lining it all the way to the corner can make the eye look smaller. 

5. Never ever skip the primer! Not only does it smooth, you know like spanx for your face, it will keep your makeup on so much longer. Don't forget eyelid primer too! The smoothing effect really makes for much better photos

I hope my tips helped! Hoping everyone has a great wedding season no matter what part you play! 


Lovely Lavender

Happy First Day of Spring!!! 

I'm ignoring everything they are saying about the impending snow we are supposed to get. I can't hear yooooou! Anyway. After Pantone named the color of the year "Ultra Violet" it was pretty safe to assume we would be seeing a lot of purples this season. Lavender has been a runway staple for this season. Now, I can totally understand if you aren't a fan of this color trend but if you are and aren't so sure how to wear it I'm giving you a couple Fast Tips on how to rock it this season. 

Pair it with a yellow. They are complementary colors and will always look good together.  

On the flip side of that you could wear a print that has similar colors that are on the same side of the color wheel. 

If you aren't so into colors, rock an all black look letting the lavender speak for itself.

May your Tuesday be short but not your patience.