Fancy Florals

It's no secret that spring and florals go hand and hand. Anyone thinking Miranda Priestly again? Anyway, groundbreaking or not I love a good floral print and this one does not disappoint! It truly does make you want to twirl.  

This week has felt like the longest week ever! Busy and long are never a good combination but it's a holiday weekend and I for one am so ready! Keeping this post short and sweet. You have to check out Everly Oak's spring collection. It's so girly and fun.  

One thing I wanted to touch on today is your signatures. Mine are the ever-so-classic Jackie O sunnies, huge pearls and red lips. Find yours and stick to them. Even if you aren't feeling your outfit your signatures can save the day! 

Top:  Skirt:




For those of you who are lucky enough for today to be your Friday I hope you enjoy! Stop by tomorrow for a very festive Martini Moment!