Pink Is Always In Season

It's no secret that I love shoes with a deep passion of my soul and...sole. Haha! In my post "Time For A Dip?" I showcased my fabulous blue shoes. Well I loved them so much I decided my life just wasn't complete without the same one's in pink. 


Keeping this post short and sweet I've made a fast color guide for this fabulous pink color that will carry me through Spring. These are a few of my favorite pink color combo's. 

  • Pink and Navy
  • Pink and Green
  • Pink and Red
  • Pink and Grey

I was also in need of a new scent to so that I can switch up my usual Chanel. I went with Lola by Marc Jacobs. I knew I liked it because I've given it as gifts before. I feel like it's a nice inbetween casual and dressy. 


Ready for a Fast Tip? To make your perfume last longer spritz it into your hairbrush and comb through.  

So Glossy

I honestly cannot believe it's July! How did that happen so fast?

This Glossybox was so fun! Here are my thoughts:


I'll start with my favorites. Out of this box I really love the Too Faced mascara "Better Than Sex". Now I wouldn't quite go that far but this product is great. I would say it is definitely worth $23.00. Two coats of this mascara will give you long fabulous lashes.

Next is the Orly nail polish. I have always been a really big fan of this polish. I have so many colors from them and I think they are all great! Especially this color, So fun! Also being that it's smaller it's perfect for travel.

I was so excited to see that I got lip plumper but the results were a little lacking. For $40 (retail) I really wasn't impressed.  

The next two I am going to put together as they both contain Aloe. The Aloe source Vitamin C Antioxidant Creme and the Etre Belle Cosmetics Aloe Gel are both great for summer and moisturizing but nothing to really write home about.  

I feel like since we've made it midweek you should go out and buy yourself something to make you feel pretty! My vote? Too Faced Mascara from Sephora! 



Get Your Glow On

For about eight years I've been using these two products for my faux tan as I wish to not look like leather by the time I'm 35. But, I do prefer myself being tan, just one of those things. Having said that I've used a bunch of different things and these are my absolute favorite.  

For Fast Tip Tuesday, it's all about the tan! Here a some tips for a perfect tan: 

  • Always, always exfoliate before applying a tan
  • Wear loose black clothes after you apply
  • When you are at your desired dark moisturize twice a day. Once in the morning and once at night. 

I use Fake Bake all over and I like Quicktan for touch ups. 

So what if your tan goes wrong and you hate it? It's a very easy solution. All you do is mix Baking Soda, lemon juice, and a little exfoliate and it will be gone. You see, it evens out the PH of your skin.  

Happy tanning! (the right way!) 


You can find Fake Bake and Quicktan on Amazon!