Fizz & Fancy Feet

It’s true I’m all about the shoes…

Okay, and maybe the booze too. Well, I will be in December at least for now I’m going to vicariously drink through you.


I talked about feathers on Monday for my Dior Dictionary Word and wanted to keep it going because of my deep love for feathers. The runways have been completely taken over by feathers on feet and I am totally here for this fall trend! But from Valentino to Koché these pieces can come with a hefty price tag. So today, I’m sharing my fun and chic DIY to get on board my favorite fall trend for a very minimal cash.

I was just about to get rid of these shoes when I decided to give them another life. Here is what you need to fancy up your feet:

A pair of shoes (they don’t have to be a heel)

Four packs of feathers (mine from Hobby Lobby)


A glue gun


1. Glue two of the four feather pieces together so that you have two altogether.

2. Decide where you like the feathers best and how they’ll fall and look.

3. Put together the small Velcro pieces.

4. Glue to the inside of the shoe.

5. Strut your stuff!


On to my drink recipe of the week! Guys, I’m in love with this one. My version at least. Very jealous of you who get to drink the non mocktail version. However, one of my favorite combinations is lime and strawberry and this drink has all the flavor!

What you need:

Fancy Cube:

Fill mold with blueberries, strawberries, lemon and lime peel.

Strawberry Simple Syrup Recipe:

3 tbsp finely chopped strawberry, water, stevia

This recipe is all about the syrup so don’t skip this step. Throw all three equal parts into a small saucepan and simmer for about five minutes. Strain into glass. Add in lime juice, vodka, Cointreau, top with your favorite Rosé, add fancy cube and lime. For the mocktail version just skip the booze and use Strawberry Perrier instead of the Rosé.

I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend full of fantastic fashion and delicious drinks!


The Heel To Have

Happy Monday!

Since Valentine's Day is about a week away I decided to share my Vday outfit a little early and to say a huge thank you to Just Fab for these simply fabulous shoes. I've been talking a lot about spring trends and haven't mentioned which shoes are going to be huge! A block heel is the only one you need be worried about this season. Find these beautiful shoes here:

Over the years many people have asked me either for tips on walking in heels or asking how I stand in them for so long. So since today is all about the heel I'm giving you some of my tips and tricks on rocking them.

First do the heel test. Stand in your chosen heels and make your feet even with your shoulders. See if you can stand on one foot and not be too wobbly. Your abs should contract while you're doing this. So if your balance is good then you pass the test! 

This one comes from my dancing roots but if you have to be in heels for a very long time (like when I'm shooting a wedding for 12 hours) tape your third and fourth toes together! You'll be shocked!

Follow with the heel. The reason people complain about the balls of their feet hurting if because they are putting all the weight there. Concentrate on how you walk and make sure you are evenly distributing your weight, You'll be able to be in them much longer doing this.  

Side note: I've basically been completely obsessed with bodysuits as of late. Dress them up or down you can't go wrong.  

Side note: I've basically been completely obsessed with bodysuits as of late. Dress them up or down you can't go wrong.  

Now get out there and own the week, in your favorite heels of course!  Cheers!


The Right Pop

Happy Monday Everyone! Hoping all of you had a great weekend. I wanted to share a quick and fabulous outfit that you can pull off any day of the week.

First off I could totally live in Palazzo pants! Not only are they so comfortable they also fall into the slimming effect with vertical lines. Next on to my fabulous and soft Chambray. I'm completely obsessed and this needs to be one of everyone's spring/summer staple. It is easily one of the most versatile pieces in my closet. Endless possibilities! 


Fast Tip: when styling this amazing top, tuck only half in. It's chic without being too "done".  Bonus, it takes two seconds. 

On to the shoes!! These fantastic JustFab shoes that I'm loving are the perfect addition to this outfit. I always feel that when your outfit needs a little something then a bright shoe will do it. They are comfortable and fun. Perfect for the warmer weather.

Finishing the look off with pearls is a must because they truly are the perfect touch. #pearlsforever


I hope your coffee is strong and you're feeling fabulous. Happy Monday!