My Martini Moment

Fizz & Fancy Feet

It’s true I’m all about the shoes…

Okay, and maybe the booze too. Well, I will be in December at least for now I’m going to vicariously drink through you.


I talked about feathers on Monday for my Dior Dictionary Word and wanted to keep it going because of my deep love for feathers. The runways have been completely taken over by feathers on feet and I am totally here for this fall trend! But from Valentino to Koché these pieces can come with a hefty price tag. So today, I’m sharing my fun and chic DIY to get on board my favorite fall trend for a very minimal cash.

I was just about to get rid of these shoes when I decided to give them another life. Here is what you need to fancy up your feet:

A pair of shoes (they don’t have to be a heel)

Four packs of feathers (mine from Hobby Lobby)


A glue gun


1. Glue two of the four feather pieces together so that you have two altogether.

2. Decide where you like the feathers best and how they’ll fall and look.

3. Put together the small Velcro pieces.

4. Glue to the inside of the shoe.

5. Strut your stuff!


On to my drink recipe of the week! Guys, I’m in love with this one. My version at least. Very jealous of you who get to drink the non mocktail version. However, one of my favorite combinations is lime and strawberry and this drink has all the flavor!

What you need:

Fancy Cube:

Fill mold with blueberries, strawberries, lemon and lime peel.

Strawberry Simple Syrup Recipe:

3 tbsp finely chopped strawberry, water, stevia

This recipe is all about the syrup so don’t skip this step. Throw all three equal parts into a small saucepan and simmer for about five minutes. Strain into glass. Add in lime juice, vodka, Cointreau, top with your favorite Rosé, add fancy cube and lime. For the mocktail version just skip the booze and use Strawberry Perrier instead of the Rosé.

I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend full of fantastic fashion and delicious drinks!


Tan & Tipsy

Happy Friday and hopefully you get to continue the celebrating today and into the weekend!

Every year I do a post about my tan. I stay tan all year round because I’m so blonde and look a little dead when I don’t have a tan. Hey, it makes me a better person ok? But staying tan all the time isn’t always easy.

  1. Exfoliate (duh). This one should go without saying but still always do it. Your tan will last so much longer.

  2. Put a little lotion on any really dry spots like elbows.

  3. Apply your tan. I use Fake Bake and have used them for over ten years. They are AMAZING. Hands down the best tan I’ve come across. I get Fake Bake Flawless Darker ( This isn’t a sponsored post I just love the product. No streaks and the perfect color.

  4. Moisturize twice a day.

    More fast tips:

    Use a mitt to apply a tan and make your hand like a claw to get in cresses.

    In a hurry? Get your tan to dry fast by setting your blow dryer on cool and blast it.

    Don’t get sweaty for at least 12 hours.

    If you hate the tan and are in a major situation (I’ve saved a few brides from a bad spray tan) then all you do it make a mixture of baking soda, sugar, and lemon juice. It will come right off. So you can use this when you’re ready to start over with a tan too. I always scrub down with baking soda before applying a new tan to get rid of any excess.

Now that you’re tan it’s time for a drink! I’m all about a watermelon cocktail! So I’ve created this one just for you bronzed babes who just need a summer cocktail on a Friday.


First make a small piece of watermelon maybe a tablespoon and muddle it in the bottom of your glass. Then fill with ice, add and mix everything but the Midori. When you’re done mixing then top with Midori. Garnish with watermelon of course.

Like I said I hope you’re parting right into the weekend!


Fresh & Bubbly

Hello, hello!

We made it to Friday which most certainly calls for a drink! But first, I wanted to share my favorite herbs that I plant every single year and how to cook (or drink) with them.


Here are some of my favorites and what to pair them with when you’re cooking or drinking:

Rosemary: I always throw this in when I make a roast. When you cook lamb, pork, chicken or roasted veggies this is your go to. Also I love this for drinks too! Back in March I did a Martini Moment where I made an apple, pear, and rosemary simple syrup. So delish!

Basil: pairs with tomatoes, seafood and really any kind of meat. I like to make pesto with it and use a little in my pasta sauce.

Mint: This is my favorite to throw in my summer drinks. Adds so much freshness! It also pairs well with fruits, veggies and lamb.

Oregano: Use this one with anything! Meats, fish, or veggies.

Parsley: This is a great garnish if you need a finishing touch. Mine is “curly parsley” which is best used for this. Think some color on your potatoes.

Now on to our drink for the week! I was so excited to make this one for you guys because it is my summer staple! Obviously mine is a mocktail but it works both ways and it so refreshing either way.


This has been my drink for so many years so I hope you make it and love it as much as I do!

Have a fantastic weekend Friends!