Fizz & Fancy Feet

It’s true I’m all about the shoes…

Okay, and maybe the booze too. Well, I will be in December at least for now I’m going to vicariously drink through you.


I talked about feathers on Monday for my Dior Dictionary Word and wanted to keep it going because of my deep love for feathers. The runways have been completely taken over by feathers on feet and I am totally here for this fall trend! But from Valentino to Koché these pieces can come with a hefty price tag. So today, I’m sharing my fun and chic DIY to get on board my favorite fall trend for a very minimal cash.

I was just about to get rid of these shoes when I decided to give them another life. Here is what you need to fancy up your feet:

A pair of shoes (they don’t have to be a heel)

Four packs of feathers (mine from Hobby Lobby)


A glue gun


1. Glue two of the four feather pieces together so that you have two altogether.

2. Decide where you like the feathers best and how they’ll fall and look.

3. Put together the small Velcro pieces.

4. Glue to the inside of the shoe.

5. Strut your stuff!


On to my drink recipe of the week! Guys, I’m in love with this one. My version at least. Very jealous of you who get to drink the non mocktail version. However, one of my favorite combinations is lime and strawberry and this drink has all the flavor!

What you need:

Fancy Cube:

Fill mold with blueberries, strawberries, lemon and lime peel.

Strawberry Simple Syrup Recipe:

3 tbsp finely chopped strawberry, water, stevia

This recipe is all about the syrup so don’t skip this step. Throw all three equal parts into a small saucepan and simmer for about five minutes. Strain into glass. Add in lime juice, vodka, Cointreau, top with your favorite Rosé, add fancy cube and lime. For the mocktail version just skip the booze and use Strawberry Perrier instead of the Rosé.

I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend full of fantastic fashion and delicious drinks!


What is Glamour?

I sit down at my desk, pull up Google, and type:

What is glamour?

As usual Google didn't disappoint. 




noun: glamour; noun: glamor

  1. the attractive or exciting quality that makes certain people or things seem appealing or special.

    "the glamour of Monte Carlo"

    synonyms:allureattractionfascinationcharmmagicromancemystique,exoticism, spell; More

    • beauty or charm that is sexually attractive.

      "George had none of his brother's glamour"

      synonyms:beautyallure, attractiveness; More

    • archaic

      enchantment; magic.

      "that maiden, made by glamour out of flowers"

What did I take away from this definition? Charm, allure but most importantly magic. Who wouldn't want more of all of this in their life? Sometimes it can seem a little daunting to achieve. We are all pressed for time and sometimes feel less sparkly. That's how I was feeling before I gave my blog a little visual face lift but ore so a content one.

 So my goal? Glamour and style fast. It's going to be a journey of learning more, becoming more well rounded and appreciating the little things. I'll be sharing easy and fast how-to's on making life just a smidge easier and more shiny. Fast meals, outfit how-to's, and other tips and tricks along the way. All in all effortless chic and a tip of the hat to old school glam.

 I am so excited to share this new venture with you and am thankful you stopped by!