Prego Style

White Out

Hello again, Friends!

Now that I don’t have crippling “morning” but all day sickness, extreme exhaustion, not on vacation or suffering from a completely blinding sinus infection...I’m back. It’s been a tough couple of months but I’m feeling slightly refreshed and ready for our upcoming summer. 

Speaking of summer because it (officially) comes very soon I thought this was the perfect time to focus on this Dior Dictionary Word which is White! But where to start on this one? Even though Dior doesn’t touch on this I will. Call me old fashioned but I stick to the rules of white that “The Greats” created. I wear it after Memorial Day and put it away after Labor Day (excluding winter white of course). In a time of fashion where anything goes and everyone needing to be comfortable at all moments, I feel this “rule” is sacred. Plus, it makes wearing it that much more special.  


I so agree that white not only matches everything but also gives an impression of good grooming and being well dressed.

For my white look, I did my own take on a look from Emily in “A Simple Favor”. While she may have been the villain (hey I’ve always had a soft spot for the villains) , her style was much to emulate. Along for her love of a perfect martini (sigh...). Don’t think I didn’t want to run out and buy a stylish cane to go with this look. But that might have been a bit much even for me. But she sure did make an amazing case for menswear. I wanted to run out and buy all the suits!


I think when it comes to white every woman should have a crisp white suit in their wardrobe. There’s no way to look more chic in a flash. Shirt underneath optional.

Have a great Monday!


Finally Fall!

It's not a secret blogging as taken a backseat during my pregnancy as I've seriously been too tired to even think. But I do have a few things coming up (like nursery design!) and wanted to of course acknowledge FALL!

Happy Fall Everyone!!!


Has this been the longest September like ever? Yes I believe it has been. How is it not October yet?!?! Even though I've been pretending that it's been Fall since like September 1st I can officially enjoy the décor and thought I would share some with you. 

Last year I made this wreath and this year just added some to it. Also, MK and I picked up these lanterns this year and it's so fun to dress them up according to season. 


The beauty of a pendant light is being able to throw Fall all over it! Ha!


Ok so since being pregnant getting dressed is basically my least favorite thing. Especially being almost 30 weeks. But I will say putting on a cute outfit and red lips is an immediate mood booster. This Target Kimono from their new collection "A New Day" is a perfect Fall transition piece (link at the bottom).  I'll be honest I'm ready for this boy to be here!

I hope that all of you have the best Fall ever! I know I plan to! Now go get yourself a delicious PSL and a new pair of over the knee boots!


Stay Stylish

Now, this is a blog dedicated to being fast while helping keep you stylish, less hungry, and more pretty. On this fine Monday I'm focusing on my rules on staying stylish. There's a common misconception that looking put together takes a lot of time and effort. Maybe thats why we see so many people in their pjs (seriously, stop it).   

Here are six of my go-to style tips to help keep you and your look on point.  


Every Sunday I look at what my week has in store for me and plan out my outfits for each appointment, shoot, or event. 


Always, always, have that one outfit that works no matter what.


Speaking of, don't be afraid to wear the same outfit combination more than once. When you put an outfit together and it just works, keep working it!


Be authentic. I say it all the time. If you hate a trend don't wear it! Personally I'm not about the cold shoulder look. One shoulder sure but I hate the line the off the shoulder look makes.


Please don't wear 30 trends at a time. But one I'm absolutely obsessed with right now is statemenmt earrings!


Don't force your own personal style into a box. You hear a lot of words like feminine when people describe their style and while that may be true for some it doesn't have to be for you. For example my style varies and changes all the time and there isn't anythng wrong with that. I try to just stick with a word. Chic.

Style is much more interesting than fashion. Really.
— Marc Jacobs