Christian Dior

The Best You

Hey, hey Happy Monday!

Individuality will always be one of the conditions of real elegance. Read that again. This is exactly why I’m totally in love with this weeks Dior Dictionary Word.


I love fashion so much. And sure I like a good trend but Dior really gets it right by saying that no one should be a slave to trends. I’m a huge advocate of being yourself and having your own style. It’s what separates the sheep from the fashion leaders.


It is so important to walk into a store and know what’s you and what isn’t. Being able to define your style helps with this. For me, I know my style is “Edgy Glam” for the most part. I like to blame that on the Gemini in me. Give me feathers, drama, hats, and all things over the top. But I’m very comfortable in my look and style. Maybe a little less being pregnant. Ha! But still you must own your style an individuality. This truly will help you be the best you. Also, with the biggest season of the year looming it’s a really good time to look at the trends, analyze what you love and don’t love. Will you catch me wearing teeny tiny bags or a quilt ensemble? No.

If you take anything away from todays post it’s to let your freak flag fly!

Be you and own it!


The Color of Happy

Ahhh Yellow…

Perfect for any time of year but I love it for Summer and Fall. It’s a color that had become a recent favorite of mine.


Yellow certainly has become popular in the last couple of seasons but sometimes it can feel like a tricky color to wear. Contrary to what Dior is saying I like the brighter tones even though my hair is light. But he is right there’s a color for everyone and it’s about trial and error. Try on all the yellows and see which you like the best.

One no fail way to wear yellow is to pair is with blue. Sticking to opposite sides of the color wheel will always have you looking good.

Grab a statement piece like my blazer. This will surly be on repeat this fall. Pair it with jeans and a white tee. Again, the jeans will look great because of the blues.


If you live in my neck of the woods it’s a pretty gloomy day after the crazy storms last evening but this is the perfect way to bring some sunshine to a not so sunny day.

Have a great start to your week!


White Out

Hello again, Friends!

Now that I don’t have crippling “morning” but all day sickness, extreme exhaustion, not on vacation or suffering from a completely blinding sinus infection...I’m back. It’s been a tough couple of months but I’m feeling slightly refreshed and ready for our upcoming summer. 

Speaking of summer because it (officially) comes very soon I thought this was the perfect time to focus on this Dior Dictionary Word which is White! But where to start on this one? Even though Dior doesn’t touch on this I will. Call me old fashioned but I stick to the rules of white that “The Greats” created. I wear it after Memorial Day and put it away after Labor Day (excluding winter white of course). In a time of fashion where anything goes and everyone needing to be comfortable at all moments, I feel this “rule” is sacred. Plus, it makes wearing it that much more special.  


I so agree that white not only matches everything but also gives an impression of good grooming and being well dressed.

For my white look, I did my own take on a look from Emily in “A Simple Favor”. While she may have been the villain (hey I’ve always had a soft spot for the villains) , her style was much to emulate. Along for her love of a perfect martini (sigh...). Don’t think I didn’t want to run out and buy a stylish cane to go with this look. But that might have been a bit much even for me. But she sure did make an amazing case for menswear. I wanted to run out and buy all the suits!


I think when it comes to white every woman should have a crisp white suit in their wardrobe. There’s no way to look more chic in a flash. Shirt underneath optional.

Have a great Monday!