White Out

Hello again, Friends!

Now that I don’t have crippling “morning” but all day sickness, extreme exhaustion, not on vacation or suffering from a completely blinding sinus infection...I’m back. It’s been a tough couple of months but I’m feeling slightly refreshed and ready for our upcoming summer. 

Speaking of summer because it (officially) comes very soon I thought this was the perfect time to focus on this Dior Dictionary Word which is White! But where to start on this one? Even though Dior doesn’t touch on this I will. Call me old fashioned but I stick to the rules of white that “The Greats” created. I wear it after Memorial Day and put it away after Labor Day (excluding winter white of course). In a time of fashion where anything goes and everyone needing to be comfortable at all moments, I feel this “rule” is sacred. Plus, it makes wearing it that much more special.  


I so agree that white not only matches everything but also gives an impression of good grooming and being well dressed.

For my white look, I did my own take on a look from Emily in “A Simple Favor”. While she may have been the villain (hey I’ve always had a soft spot for the villains) , her style was much to emulate. Along for her love of a perfect martini (sigh...). Don’t think I didn’t want to run out and buy a stylish cane to go with this look. But that might have been a bit much even for me. But she sure did make an amazing case for menswear. I wanted to run out and buy all the suits!


I think when it comes to white every woman should have a crisp white suit in their wardrobe. There’s no way to look more chic in a flash. Shirt underneath optional.

Have a great Monday!