Pink Is Always In Season

It's no secret that I love shoes with a deep passion of my soul and...sole. Haha! In my post "Time For A Dip?" I showcased my fabulous blue shoes. Well I loved them so much I decided my life just wasn't complete without the same one's in pink. 


Keeping this post short and sweet I've made a fast color guide for this fabulous pink color that will carry me through Spring. These are a few of my favorite pink color combo's. 

  • Pink and Navy
  • Pink and Green
  • Pink and Red
  • Pink and Grey

I was also in need of a new scent to so that I can switch up my usual Chanel. I went with Lola by Marc Jacobs. I knew I liked it because I've given it as gifts before. I feel like it's a nice inbetween casual and dressy. 


Ready for a Fast Tip? To make your perfume last longer spritz it into your hairbrush and comb through.