Change It Up

You probably know by now that I love hosting but sometimes I catch myself making my normal go-to's and not thinking outside the box enough; like my Spinach Dip. So I've been doing some research on unique food and drink pairings for my next gathering. Because good hosting takes some effort. Leave it to Kate Spade to once again, totally nail it. I pre-ordered "All In Good Taste"  about five months before it's release date and it truly is amazing. 

Here are a couple of my favorite pairings from this book:

-Martini & Swedish Meatballs (how could I not add a martini?)

-St.-Germain + Champagne & Sliders

-Minty Gimlet & Tomato Brushetta 

This my friends is the winner! I thought the combination was so unique. 



Minty Gimlet:

2 oz Vodka
2 limes
1/2 oz Simple Syrup

Throw about 10 mint leaves in the bottom of a shaker, add lime juice and syrup, muddle just a tad not too much, toss in a hand full of ice cubes and vodka. Then, just strain into a martini glass. Or if you aren't feeling fancy add everything to a highball glass. 


The flavor combination between these things was absolutely amazing!! The Gimlet was on the sour side which is right up my alley. If you like sweeter drinks add more simple syrup. I highly reccomend this for your next get together.  

Have a fabulous Friday Pretties! xoxo