Be Bright!

Happy February!! That's one month closer to Spring, right?

I love Monday's. It's like a clean slate and fresh start. Let's kick this week off with some color! Which one should you be rocking right now? Yellow!!! It's absolutely having a moment and get ready to start seeing it everywhere. I think it's a welcome pop of color in the dreary winter.  Also, the perfect color to translate into Spring. This is the perfect start to your Spring shopping by going out and getting a something bright and yellow.


My favorite thing about this coat is that it is an "indoor coat" as it has no lining. Won't be wearing only this when it's freezing out. But I love that I can make it an all day outfit.  

Find the coat on

Find the coat on

Not sure how to pair yellow? No worries. You can either wear it with blue like I did because they are on opposite sides of the color wheel. Or you can always rock it with grey and let the yellow do the talking.

This week is all about two's see why tomorrow. So tip number two is when you are buying denim, buy it more snug than you like because after about four wears they stretch out and molds to you.

I hope the day brings you lots of awesome, and if all else fails there's a glass of wine at the end of it, right?