Underneath It All

With Valentines day coming up, what would be a better time to talk skivvies? This weekend I am going to be very busy with boudoir photos for this big day and I also have a major lingerie addiction. I have some very coveted pieces from Paris and Rome that if anything ever happened to them I'd just die. In honor of this upcoming holiday and love for lace, here are some awesome tips to keep your fabulous underthings..well..fabulous.   


  • -Hand wash in cold water to prevent any fraying or harshness or use delicate cycle.
  • Air dry 
  • Wash at least once a week and every other wear


  • If you happen to be washing silk never wring dry, instead roll it in a towel and press the water out.
  • Don't wear the same bra two days in a row, it actually needs time to regain it's shape.

Fast Tip: I tell all of my Brides this once they put their wedding dress on and you wouldn't believe the difference it makes. It was the best advice I've ever gotten at a high end lingerie boutique: Lean over and pull the girls in, at first they look a little high and crazy but once they settle it's perfection. Thank me later.

Looking for a Valentines Day treat for yourself?

After all you've still got time to decide what's going under that V-Day dress. 

I've listed a few fab finds under $40:

This mesh bralette from Forever21 is to die for and only $20!

                   Perfect for Travel:                                                                            

I'm head over heels for this beautiful bodysuit from H&M!!!

Forever 21 Bralette

Also because I'm in love with adorable boxes that come every month adoreme.com is my latest thing I can't get enough of!

H&M Bodysuit

Have a fun weekend!! xoxo