Fast Fashionista Turns 2!

It's a little crazy to me to think that I have (officially) had Fast Fashionista for two years. Even though I'm always busy and it can sometimes feel a little overwhelming; I am so happy to call this my little labor of love. This past year has been...interesting to say the least.

I kept thinking "what do I do?, what do I do?!" for my "Blogaversary". I hate to fall in line with the stereotypical so this week I am reflecting on my favorite posts, outfits and foods of course. I looked back in the last year to see what my two most favorite posts were. Here they are:  

First was "April Favorites", I have no idea why I stopped doing this because it was so much fun! I might just be bringing this one back...

Next was my favorite outfit I've ever posted. All the elements just came together perfectly for this look. This girl loves patterns...and apparently walking on the road while drinking wine.

Stay tuned, tomorrow I'll be talking about my two favorite getaways. 

I want to thank everyone for your support and love. This has been fun, thanks for stopping by.


Note: None of me being able to do this blog would be possible without my editor, photographer, sounding board, toughest critic, life coach, biggest supporter, my rock, Husband, and best friend, Michael Kilgore. Thank you!