Spring into Summer

Fresh & Bubbly

Hello, hello!

We made it to Friday which most certainly calls for a drink! But first, I wanted to share my favorite herbs that I plant every single year and how to cook (or drink) with them.


Here are some of my favorites and what to pair them with when you’re cooking or drinking:

Rosemary: I always throw this in when I make a roast. When you cook lamb, pork, chicken or roasted veggies this is your go to. Also I love this for drinks too! Back in March I did a Martini Moment where I made an apple, pear, and rosemary simple syrup. So delish!

Basil: pairs with tomatoes, seafood and really any kind of meat. I like to make pesto with it and use a little in my pasta sauce.

Mint: This is my favorite to throw in my summer drinks. Adds so much freshness! It also pairs well with fruits, veggies and lamb.

Oregano: Use this one with anything! Meats, fish, or veggies.

Parsley: This is a great garnish if you need a finishing touch. Mine is “curly parsley” which is best used for this. Think some color on your potatoes.

Now on to our drink for the week! I was so excited to make this one for you guys because it is my summer staple! Obviously mine is a mocktail but it works both ways and it so refreshing either way.


This has been my drink for so many years so I hope you make it and love it as much as I do!

Have a fantastic weekend Friends!


Mix It Up

Summer is such a fabulous more carefree time of year and I feel like often times the clothing reflects that. I recently had a conversation with a lovely lady about mixing prints which inspired me to write this post. Some find it intimidating but, I think once you get the hang of it then it's nothing but fun and that is what it should be! Also don't be afraid to try different combos!

I wanted to share a fast and chic look that you can always have at the ready. Stripes and a floral print are my absolute favorite pattern combination! Plus my staple leopard shoes kick this look up a notch.

I hope you all have a fabulous Monday with lots of strong coffee!

Always have fun with fashion, dress to entertain yourself.
— Betsey Johnson

Back On The Grid

Hello there! 

To say the least I have had A LOT going on in the past couple of weeks and really needed to focus on a few other things. My workload right now is crazy! Hence my hiatus. But I'm happy to be back. If you don't follow me on social media the big news is I quit my job to work full time with mine and MK's photography company. I'm very excited, especially to have the time to make a nice dinner and eat it before 9:00 pm haha! 

So now that I'm back I bring with me this months favorites!  

 May Favorites 

I feel absolutely rejuvenated and have been putting in some serious kitchen time and have been diving head first into some fantastic cookbooks. So be ready for some awesome recipes. One more thing, I can really get my DIY on and have some pretty cool things planned. I'm excited to share my new life with you guys!


p.s. Thank you for the overwhelming support with my recent career decision. I've gotten so many sweet words and they mean the absolute world. You're all wonderful.  

If you don’t like how the table is set, turn over the table.
— Frank Underwood