This Month's Favorites

Back On The Grid

Hello there! 

To say the least I have had A LOT going on in the past couple of weeks and really needed to focus on a few other things. My workload right now is crazy! Hence my hiatus. But I'm happy to be back. If you don't follow me on social media the big news is I quit my job to work full time with mine and MK's photography company. I'm very excited, especially to have the time to make a nice dinner and eat it before 9:00 pm haha! 

So now that I'm back I bring with me this months favorites!  

 May Favorites 

I feel absolutely rejuvenated and have been putting in some serious kitchen time and have been diving head first into some fantastic cookbooks. So be ready for some awesome recipes. One more thing, I can really get my DIY on and have some pretty cool things planned. I'm excited to share my new life with you guys!


p.s. Thank you for the overwhelming support with my recent career decision. I've gotten so many sweet words and they mean the absolute world. You're all wonderful.  

If you don’t like how the table is set, turn over the table.
— Frank Underwood

February Favorite's

One thing that I used to do here was my favorite thing's of the month. I really enjoyed doing it and when it was my blog's birthday I revisited the idea and decided to start it again. Of course with tips to match. 

February is cold and icky and I'll be glad when it's gone. Now that I'v gotten that out of my system let's talk my latest loves. From shoes both heeled and flat, smell good and shiny, good pairings, bralettes and stripes. This month has all the thing's I can't get enough of. Here is a sneak peek! 

note: things not listed are my new treadmill and COFFEE NINJA BAR! It was a big weekend to say the least. 

Stay tuned for #tuesdayshoesday tomorrow! xoxo


July Favorites

This Summer is really flying by isn't it? It doesn't help that all of us tried and true Fashionista's start shopping for our Fall wardrobes around this time. When I'm shopping for sweaters and boots I can't help but want a Pumpkin Spice Latte in my hand. But then I realize I am way ahead of myself and need to enjoy right now. The sun, pedicures, an upcoming getaway, and just being in the moment of summer (even if it is rainy).

Here are a few things that I can't wait to share with you. From my leopard obsession to letting go of my old (and beloved) running shoes, there is a lot going on here. Also, a type of shoe I've never owned. It's a pretty big deal to this shoe obsessed girl.

Fast Tip Tuesday

Today's tip isn't about beauty, fashion or food. It's about life. From a young age I've been quite obsessed with having a planner. I love them. Being organized soothes me. So buy a planner. One you love and love to look at. Kate Spade is always my go-to for a beautiful planner. In a time where everything is digital and on our smartphones (I use one of those too) I love to be able to write things down and have my pretty planner wherever the day takes me.

Have a wonderful Tuesday! xoxo