Life Enhancments

Happy Monday!

I like to consider myself a pretty organized person and have always been pretty obsessed with trying to maintain as stressfree a day as possible. In my opinon, that starts as soon as you wake up. If you start your day with a clear head then your day is more likely to be smooth sailing from there. I wanted to share with you some things I do every day before I go to bed and before I actually "start" my day. 

My first thought in the morning: COFFEE. Having the coffee maker set up to brew before I even get downstairs makes my morning so much smoother. One less thing I have to do. But before coffee, water. I know you've heard it before but it's important for your body to have water before coffee so when I set up the coffee the night before I also have my lemon water ready for the microwave in the morning (I don't have time for the kettle).

Side note, there are so many benefits of drinking lemon water in the a.m.
  • Detoxes
  • Great for your skin (antioxidants, vitamin C) 
  • Builds up your immunity...Its flu season!
  • Enhances digestion

Clean the kitchen before bed no matter how tired you are. This one is huge! Not only does it help me sleep better knowing that I don't have a mess waiting for me but it is also amazing to wake up and cook breakfast in a clean kitchen. 

Now I know you may not have a roomba but let me tell you it is life changing!! One of the best investments you could make. I was skeptical at first but just the same as the kitchen, running the roomba when you go to bed and waking up with clean floors is fantastic. Especially with my husky Perla Blue and her never ending fur that is everywhere.  

Have an idea of what's for dinner the next day. Doing this like some of the other things leaves room in my head for other things. Sundays are all about food. I always try to grocery shop, meal prep, and get ideas for dinners for the week. When I go to sleep knowing what I'm making for dinner the next day gives me a sense of feeling like I at least have it together a little.  

How do I know these things work? Because of all the times when I do literally none of this and feel like an absolute hot mess who's ready to pull her hair out. Ha! Don't do any of these? Try just one and see how it improves your day and night.

Enjoy your day, I hope it moves along swiftly! 


Your Own Style

I have a birthday coming up in May and it's made me start thinking about style. I've been asked a lot to define my style and often times found myself a little stumped. But I dove into the huge word "style" and have made a quick how-to guide in finding your own personal style.  Also I'm sharing some fabulous pieces from Tobi ( that are so "my style". Let's get started.

1. Purge! This is one I find so hard! But if you haven't worn a piece in a year GET RID OF IT! There were a lot of things I felt like I was holding on to for no reason. Plus it makes room for new things right?

2. Try everything on- Seriously. Everything. Make a day of it, open some champagne that always helps. You'll know exactly what gets the cut when you try it on and say what was I thinking?!

3. Find your inspiration /muse- I have a couple. Victoria Beckham, Olivia Palermo, SJP. I've admired their style for years. It's always good to have someone to get inspiration from.

4. Versatility. It's great to have those couple favorites that are just wow but for the most part when investing in good pieces make sure you can wear it different ways and with lots of different things. This mesh bodysuit is amazing because the possibilities are endless. So many ways to waer this one.

Gwen Mesh Bodysuit: , Jeans, Shoes

Gwen Mesh Bodysuit:, Jeans, Shoes

 5. Choose three words you gravitate towards. For me glam, edgy, feminine. This "little green dress" embodies all of these. Especially when paired with some very fun accessories. 

6. Take photos of outfits your love, for us fashion bloggers thats easy but if you aren't this is an important step. I feel like sometimes I will put an outfit together and take a photo and then I'm like "well I guess it's time to start over".

7. Make a list of this things in your closet that you love or are drawn to. I love black, plunging necklines, and body suits! This fabulous Tobi piece is all three. 

8. My final tip. If you like it wear it! If it screams your name own it. Don't ever anyone tell you what you like isn't "in". For me, feathers! 

I hope you have a very stylish week ahead of you! Monday's can suck so head for that second cup of coffee!