Kate Hudson

June Favorite's

Is there anything better than being outside in the warmth of the sun, feeling the grass under your feet? I think not. I mean as long as that's close to a patio and all. I am so excited that summer is finally and actually here. June is just wizzing by so I thought it was a great time to share the things that I have just been loving.

Clearly I'm loving pants, haha. If you look at fashion right now nothing is too tight. Looser pants are what is on trend right now and I couldn't be happier about that. Why? Because I think it's a very fresh and exciting change. The blue pair is my favorite workout gear called Fabletics by Kate Hudson. Honestly, as I've said, the quality is amazing. These pants are one of my favorites, they are soft and the color is great. 

Now for the books. I have such a deep passion for being in the kitchen as I am sure you know by now. The cookbook "Skinny Taste" was given to me as a gift at Christmas and I absolutely love it. I can't wait to share my latest recipe from it with you. Next up, DVF's new book. Also a gift and even though I am only at the beginning as of now I am loving it! And her of course. More on that later, stay tuned.

Fast Tip Tuesday will be all about these two of my favorite faux tanning products. Seriously I have used them for years and years...and years. I get so many compliments on my tan daily. "And where did you just get back from?" is a common question. Amazing products and I know I've talked about them before but it's worth another post in my opinion. 

How about that Vino? MK and I are obsessed with Spanish wines and this one is one of my go-to's. Love! It's a dry red and yum! Next time you're in the wine isle and don't know what to get snatch this one up! If you like dry reds you'll like this.

White shoes because summer. 

Also July 1st is the Glossy Box review and man it was a good one! Can't wait to share! 


This is an obvious favorite not pictured above. My red nails! It's Mani Monday again and since I just had them done I had to share. A lovely girl named Jade did them and I had to ask her the name of the color I chose because as you see, naming nail polish is my ultimate dream job. When sweet Jade said "Was I Going That Fast?" was the name I just cracked up! How perfect is that?!  Pretty perfect for The Fast Fashionista. Anywho I hope your Monday involves nice nails, Starbucks, and a whole lot of happy. 

Have a wonderful week! Xoxo! 


Fabletics Fashion

I've talked about Kate Hudson's workout line "Fabletics" before and my obsession hasn't lessoned. You purchase the pieces as an outfit, my top and bottom in these photos are from two different outfits. I always rave about the quality of this line. Totally one of those look good feel good things. My running shoes, I love them so much. I need new ones and these are completely beat up but I will run in these until they fall apart!

I get a lot of questions on my workout routine. As far as that goes, I am a runner. Pretty simple huh? Sure I could do other things but I just love to run! My normal run (when I'm in the gym) is I run for two minutes and walk two. It puts your fat burning really high and keeps your heart rate up. I've done this for years and I can say it is very effective.

Hey we made it to the middle of the week right? Let's make it a great one!  

Feeling Fab in Fabletics

One of my favorite actresses is  Kate Hudson. It just so happens that she came out with an athletic line called "Fabletics". I love their variety and the colors that are offered. Also, there is a subtle uniqueness about the line that you may not see elsewhere.

Typically, I work out 4-5 times a week and it isn't always easy to get moving in the mornings. Years ago, I read that if you sleep in your workout clothes then it gives you more initiative to wake up and go to the gym because you are already dressed. I'll tell you, it's one less thing you have to think about.

Happy Friday All! 

Check out her fabulous line at: http://www.fabletics.com