Fabletics Fashion

I've talked about Kate Hudson's workout line "Fabletics" before and my obsession hasn't lessoned. You purchase the pieces as an outfit, my top and bottom in these photos are from two different outfits. I always rave about the quality of this line. Totally one of those look good feel good things. My running shoes, I love them so much. I need new ones and these are completely beat up but I will run in these until they fall apart!

I get a lot of questions on my workout routine. As far as that goes, I am a runner. Pretty simple huh? Sure I could do other things but I just love to run! My normal run (when I'm in the gym) is I run for two minutes and walk two. It puts your fat burning really high and keeps your heart rate up. I've done this for years and I can say it is very effective.

Hey we made it to the middle of the week right? Let's make it a great one!