Fashion A-Z

I’m beyond thrilled to share my latest fashion project with you! Sometimes I would struggle with fashion posts because it’s often hard to do things that haven’t already been done. I always want you to be able to take something useful away from my posts and I always want to continue to learn too. They drilled that into our heads when I was in hair school and thats how I look at life now. Never ever stop learning or you’ll get stale. True in hair, true in life.

Christian Dior wrote a book called “The Little Dictionary of Fashion” and was first published in 1954. Now I have a deep, deep love of old school glamour so this was right up my alley. I’ve had it for a while and put it on my to-read list but only recently cracked it open. Well I couldn’t put it down and got the idea to take my favorite words that he describes and do my own take on them. Now, some of them are outdated (sadly) but I’m still finding them still relevant in some manor. In my life at least.


Now that I’ve explained what I’m doing I’m going to share my first word which just so happens to be the last in this book and I found it only all too appropriate.


Hands down one of my favorite words in the world! I’m bringing every once of this word with me into 2019. Because, truly, what is the point of doing anything without zest? This goes right along with what I’m always saying which is be yourself and be happy about it. Throw your own zest around everywhere and embrace it!


I hope your new year is full of happiness, good drinks, lots of style, and of course nothing but green lights.