Simply Fancy

We had one heck of a holiday season! Ending it with hosting parties for New Years Eve AND New Years Day. To say the least it feels so good to be noshing on a delicious salad! 

Two things I know for sure: I love stack recipes, and I love to simplify “fancy”.

Something I always remember about being in France is if you look around they usually aren’t rushing to eat. I think there is something to be said about making your lunch and getting to sit and enjoy it. When I was talking to this lovely French woman about food she said “It’s about so much more than just eating.” We talked about how good it feels to make a beautiful dish and I always think about that.

Today, I’m talking about my current favorite kitchen tool! With this nifty little stacking aid, you can create all kinds of beautiful dishes that are easy and fancy. This salad that I made would only look hard to do to your dinner guests.

Fast Tip:

If you’re making salad, it’s better to chop all of your ingrediencies on the smaller side and mix in your dressing before pressing so that you have a binding agent.


I felt like this was a good reminder that even though making this dish was very fast, it’s still so good for the soul to slow down and just enjoy.

Happy Stacking!