Happy New Year, Happy Everything

Happy 2019 to all of you!

Dancing! I’m dancing into 2019 because I am pretty excited for it! Few things invigorate and inspire me more than a fresh start. Let me tell you a little of what my blog is going to look like this year.


First and foremost my “Fast Fashion” segment. Now this isn’t your fast fashion that is talked about in the industry as a no-no. Such as things that go right from the catwalk to stores like Forever 21 very quickly to capture a trend. (And by the way there is nothing wrong with Forever 21)  But my “Fast Fashion” is me doing a post on the faster side because who has time to read forever? Same with all of my posts. Nice and fast! Stay tuned for tomorrow when I really get into the fashion talk and what I’m focusing on this year.

For “Perfectly Plated” again with keeping this fast, simple, and often times fancy. Cooking with things I’ve never cooked with before and hoping to bring you great information, quick and delicious recipes, and hopefully lots of tips to make cooking less intimidating and much more fun.  

“My Martini Moment” is going to be a wild card. I’m very organized but hey, I like to still keep things interesting. But drink recipes? Oh yes. And sometimes only that. But how-to chicness, yes to that too. 

I’m thrilled to be sauntering into another year with you all! Thanks for stopping by!