My Hosting 101

This will be Fast Fashionista’a last post of 2018. I’m going to take a much needed break and return fresh in 2019. Doesn’t that sound crazy? 2019. I feel like I’ve only just gotten used to saying 2018, haha. But here we are creeping closer to another year and the holiday season is upon us.

In honor of Thanksgiving, my favorite holiday, being this week I thought I would share a few of my hosting tips. I throw a good many parties throughout the year and these tips can really help no matter if you’re hosting Thanksgiving, Christmas, a birthday, or even The Fourth of July.

  1. Plan. Plan. And then plan some more.

    What I do is write everything out in a sketch book. What the party is, how many I anticipate coming, if I have a theme, and as I make my menu not only do I write everything down, I also write what that particular dish is going in (for example: these three appetizers on risers). Write and plan until nothing is left in your head.

  2. You never have enough time. Ever.

    Sometimes I’ll catch myself thinking “Oh I've got plenty of time! The party is in two weeks.” Wrong. Time is no ones friend so in your sketch book on a different page make a schedule of what you’ll do each day leading up to the event. I’m a very organized person but even if you aren’t this will save your butt.

  3. Have your whole house clean.

    Even if the party is only in your downstairs, a great practice to get into is having your whole house be clean. Not only does it help your head feel less messy it actually is less messy. Also, when you clean up the party nothing else needs cleaned after that.

  4. Food shop as early as you can.

    Don’t torture yourself going the day before your party. If you list can be done 2 days before or even three then do that. You’ll breathe easier.

  5. Make as much as you can ahead of time.

    For example, when doing Thanksgiving, I always make my desserts, rolls, and cold appetizers at least one day a head so on the actual day that's one less thing to worry about. Take a good look at your list and see what can be done ahead of time.

  6. Prep.

    Along with making the dishes that you can ahead of time, also prep as many dishes as you can. Be it dicing veggies, peeling potatoes, or making the dish before it goes in the oven.

  7. Pick an outfit in advance!

    I can’t stress this one enough. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had an idea of an outfit in my head for a party I was hosting but then when I tried it one something didn’t fit right or it just didn’t work for whatever reason. Then you’re left sweaty, making your closet a mess (now your house isn’t clean), and flustered. Pick it out a week before and try it on the day before.

    Follow these tips and by the time your guests arrive you’ll be frazzle free with a glass of vino in hand ready to have a great time.

    Have a great Thanksgiving week everyone!