A Good Habit

Happy Monday Everyone!

We’ve all got habits. The good, the bad, and the purposeful. I must say I have all of these but today I’m talking about a good and purposeful habit to start. I hardly had time before I was a Mom now my time is crazy limited. That goes for picking out outfits too. I’ve found myself all too often going through my closet like a crazy person, making a mess and cussing because I need an outfit like that instant. I’m typically a very organized person so I said that this had to stop. About six months ago or so, any free time that I had I would put together outfits that I could grab and throw on in a moments notice.


Three things I always make sure of:

The tags are removed

It fits

The garments are wrinkle free  


I can assure you that getting in to the habit of this will help you out on a daily basis. I’m really neurotic about preparing for the week so I always look at my schedule for the week and put outfits with what I have going on that day.  

Now, lets tackle this Monday with a strong coffee and a good outfit!