Things To Come

Happy first Monday of 2017!

Diving right into some fab trends. Fashion is all about looking ahead. While it may be Winter now, so many of us fashion girls have our heads in Spring. I'm certainly not saying ignore the now. Enjoy the hot chocolate, skiing, boots and furs! I know I am. I've done a little leg work for you. The pussy-bow blouse has made a major comeback (we saw it some for fall fashion) and is the perfect way to start wearing a little spring now. Here, I'm showing you how to make the look work for you if you want to rock the look but aren't really wanting to commit to the full on blouse.

All you need for a basic but very chic look is your favorite white button up blouse with a crisp collar, a blazer or in my case a sparkly short open one, and a neckerchief. With those easy steps you've got a polished and on point look.

Fast tip: I like to make my bow a little less than perfect for a little interest in the outfit. Also material will make a difference in bow your bow will sit. This one is a stiffer fabric so it holds shape. Look for a light weight material if you want your bow to fall.

I hope this Monday brings you lots of chic!