The Glossy Box Experience

On the first of every month I am going to do a product review. Recently I signed up for "Glossy Box" and already love it. Never heard of it? No worries. Basically, once you sign up it's $20 a month and samples show up at your door. Like a present to yourself! Go here to find out more

I always get questions about my hair so I thought how perfect to do a hair product review! In my first box I got five products, one of which is the "Rich" shampoo! I will tell you having worked in salons and using lots of different ones, I have never been so blown away by a shampoo! I will absolutely be making this my go to. It's consistency is so thick which usually that means that it doesn't lather much, not true with "Rich" shampoo, it worked great and when I ran a comb through my wet hair it felt more conditioned than I could believe! I can't wait to buy the conditioner.

Next up, (not from the box) is one of my favorite products is "It's a 10". I use this when I am drying my hair. I dry it until it is damp and then I put a little bit of this on and then dry the rest. I have used many of their different products and love them all. They also have a great Hair Mask and Conditioning Spray.

You always need a finishing touch right? Well this is mine. Rusk Thermal Spray is perfect to protect you hair when styling it. I spray it right before curling or flat ironing and it adds so much shine.