Theo Goes

Happy Friday Everyone! We made it!

You probably know by now from pervious posts and my social media that we recently took a trip with six month old Theo Shane. Travel is very important to MK and I so we want to instill that in Theo and start him out early. Having said that, I had no idea what to expect so I thought I would share a couple things we learned along our little journey with our little one. But first, I feel it's important to say that this is just what worked for us in our situation and I can only hope that it could help if you find yourself in the same position. 


Our Baby Travel Tips:

1. Go into it with an open mind, relaxed attitude and try not to stress.

2. Have a plan for everything! A blowout, a meltdown, hunger, boredom. Anything. Think about any scenario that could happen. Was that Theo's original cute Adidas tracksuit that I had planned for him to be in? Nope.

3. If you're flying have baby suck on a bottle going up and down. It will help their ears.

4. Don't panic. If baby starts crying just roll with it. Yes it's stressful and airplane seats are small but odds are it won't last. 

5. Things I always had on me at all moments: Clorox wipes, Tide pen, and Honest Company hand sanataizer spray. These are all just great to always have in the diaper bag too.

All in all Theo did really well on the plane and throughout our whole trip. Now the trick is getting him back on his normal schedule. Send help. 

After all the travel you need a drink! Since we were in The Keys I though it was only appropriate to make a Sea Blue & Boozy. It's the most perfect summer drink!


Fill your glass 3/4 with Prosecco, add in Triple Sec and Vodka, then add a splash of Blue Curacao. Garnish with orange. Enjoy!


Kentucky Hug

This is known as the feeling you get in your chest when you take a shot of whiskey! It sounded even better in our tour guide Justin's southern accent.  Last weekend Mk and I did tours of Bourbon Distilleries in Kentucky and it was such a unique experience.


Our first stop was at the Bulleit distillery. I must say my favorite tid bit from this tour was about the whiskey barrels. When Bulleit is done with them, they go to Scotland to house Johnny Walker scotch, and then to Mexico to hold tequila. If they make it past there they head down to the Caribbean to house rum! So amazing the life these barrels have! 


Next we were off to Buffalo Trace. I was excited to go here because this is MK's fav whiskey to have in the house. The plant was HUGE! It was very cool to get to see how everything was made.

Later that night we went to The Even Williams Speak Easy.  So fun. We were transported to prohibition where our bartender Rosko told us all about how they still drank "back in the day". They had this secrete door to get in that looks like a safe, so cool!


We started off Saturday by heading to Makers Mark where I was able to dip my own bottle in the iconic red wax. I loved the Makers 64 so that's what I chose to dip. The property of Makers Mark was absolutely stunning and was actually purchased for 35,000 dollars, on a 200 acre plot! The first bottle of Makers Mark was sold for $7 while most others were sold for $3.

We also go to tour Makers new Rickhouse which was built into a side of a massive hill. This is where they store the Makers 64. The back wall is actually the stone inside the hill. Since its built inside the hill it will stay a constant 50 degrees all year round.

At Four Roses we got to tour the bottling plant. It's such a cool experience to see just how the bourbon is bottled and what that exact process is. We got to drive through the whole property!


Jim Beam shows us the entire process from start to finish. MK got to actually bottle his own and put his thumb print in the black wax of Knob Creek.

It wouldn't be Friday without a drink recipe! Since the Mint Julep screams spring and is basically the state drink of Kentucky, I thought it would be perfect to make with my new favorite bourbon. I got a cocktail book called "Shake" from our Bulleit tour and I'm totally obsessed with it!

The W & P Mint Julep

(makes 2 drinks)

4 shots bourbon

Handful of fresh mint

4 sugar cubes

1/2 shot fresh lemon juice

Add mint leaves, sugar, and lemon juice to shaker. Muddle the ingredients until sugar has dissolved, add bourbon and ice and shake for 10 seconds. Then strain mixture into tumblers containing crushed ice and garnish with remaining mint leaves.


Have a great first weekend of spring all!


Travel Chic

Happy Monday All!

This is a super popular time of year to travel so I thought it would be a great time to share my anatomy of the perfect travel outfit. Whether you are beach bound, Europe bound, or are headed for a quick weekend get away it is very important to be comfortable. But, I think so is looking put together.

First, a comfortable top. By calling this Barefoot Dreams poncho "comfortable" it would be an insult because it is so much more than that. One of the softest things I've ever owned. It's easy to take off too which makes it great for travel. Next, these high waist "jeggings" have basically changed my life. They are also so soft! I could live in them. When it comes to shoes I always try to take a pair that will go with everything and then wear them to my destination. They take up much more space than flip flops in the suitcase. I feel naked if I don't have a watch while traveling so my Michele is perfect for dressing up or down. Finally grab a hat (because packing it may bend it), your sunnies, favorite weekender/carry on, and a good book!

Fast Packing Tips:

Roll your clothes instead of folding. You'll fit way more and they don't wrinkle as easy.

When choosing clothes, stay within the same color palette so that everything goes together.

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Have a chic week!