Theo Shane

Theo The Dragon

Happy Halloween! 

Okay, if I’m Being totally honest October completely kicked my ass. Like in a major way. We completed our seventh room renovation, Theo is very close to walking so that means I can’t walk away from him for even a second. After hours and hours of that I’m beyond exhausted. He’s also teething so that doesn’t help. I had the worst cold ever and Contemporary Photography has been completely swamped to boot (last wedding this weekend). So all of that has me just so tired. 

I started this as an Instagram post but it got a little long so I made it into a blog post instead. My little Theo Shane is a dragon this Halloween! I wanted to tell my story behind this: 

My love for dragons dates far further back than Game of Thrones (even though I love GOT... probably because of the dragons?). Not only is my Chinese Zodiac a dragon but bonus the Kilgore Family Crest is also a dragon, and when I was little I was the owner and founder of “The Reptile Club”. Me and my friends would go down to a little pond by my house (Terabithia) and catch tadpoles and other activities of that nature. I loved my scaley friends, I even had a pet snake (Mr. Scaley) that my Mom and I caught.


Dragons had always been a fascination for me. I loved reading about them and seeing shows with them in it. When I was pregnant with Theo my best friend Crystal and I always called Theo a dragon long before we knew the gender. Mostly because of what I wanted to eat or how I was feeling we always said “ that little dragon...”. Needless to say there was no question as to what he would be for his first Halloween. I mean I was only a few weeks pregnant picturing my little baby dressed as a dragon. Of course we had to bring the now traumatized dogs into it to make three dragons and here I am in my very rightful place as The Mother of Dragons.   


Perla Blue was 100% humiliated. Donatella is very much used to this behavior from her parents.


I hope everyone has a great (and safe) Halloween! 


Theo Goes

Happy Friday Everyone! We made it!

You probably know by now from pervious posts and my social media that we recently took a trip with six month old Theo Shane. Travel is very important to MK and I so we want to instill that in Theo and start him out early. Having said that, I had no idea what to expect so I thought I would share a couple things we learned along our little journey with our little one. But first, I feel it's important to say that this is just what worked for us in our situation and I can only hope that it could help if you find yourself in the same position. 


Our Baby Travel Tips:

1. Go into it with an open mind, relaxed attitude and try not to stress.

2. Have a plan for everything! A blowout, a meltdown, hunger, boredom. Anything. Think about any scenario that could happen. Was that Theo's original cute Adidas tracksuit that I had planned for him to be in? Nope.

3. If you're flying have baby suck on a bottle going up and down. It will help their ears.

4. Don't panic. If baby starts crying just roll with it. Yes it's stressful and airplane seats are small but odds are it won't last. 

5. Things I always had on me at all moments: Clorox wipes, Tide pen, and Honest Company hand sanataizer spray. These are all just great to always have in the diaper bag too.

All in all Theo did really well on the plane and throughout our whole trip. Now the trick is getting him back on his normal schedule. Send help. 

After all the travel you need a drink! Since we were in The Keys I though it was only appropriate to make a Sea Blue & Boozy. It's the most perfect summer drink!


Fill your glass 3/4 with Prosecco, add in Triple Sec and Vodka, then add a splash of Blue Curacao. Garnish with orange. Enjoy!


A Three Month Reflection

As I write this sipping Prosecco and taking a moment to myself I think how my sweet Theo Shane is three months old. And with the last three months being much of a whirlwind I caught myself reflecting on it. In no way do I want to come off as all knowing, or like I'm the first person to ever have a baby. However, I have had the honor of knowing some pretty amazing moms and soon-to-be moms. This post is for you. 

When I was pregnant, I heard a lot of things. Some of those things being " Your life is going to change." , "Soon there won't be any date nights!", "Sleep now because you'll never sleep again.". And while sure your life absolutely changes but in the most amazing way. The way people said it to me was like a negative change like you'll lose your freedom. I know I sure do have much to learn as a new Mom but I'm going to pass down what I have learned in this last three months.

While pregnant I was doing a shoot for a friend and fellow Mom. We were talking about pregnancy and momming when she said something really eye opening that I won't soon forget. "Your life doesn't have to change, you just incorporate your little one into it." It was so simple but it really grabbed me. She was right. I feel like as an expecting Mom so many people try to scare you. Why? I'm not sure. But being three months in, she was in fact, very right. MK and I pretty much lead the same life with a little one added in enriching our lives beyond words.  

You can still be you. While Mom Jeans are very in right now (praise Jesus!) that doesn't mean you have to give up your pre mom style. I have an edgy glam style and being a mom or not, it's staying that way. Speaking of clothes, that brings me to the post baby bod. I thought I was ready for it, really I did. But as Rachel Green would say "Isn't that just kick-you-in-the-crotch, spit-on-your-neck-fantastic?". Where my "Friends" fans at? Here's the thing and this thing is taking a while to get used to. GIVE YOURSELF A BREAK! You brought a human here. A human.  No matter how that little creature got here, whether you had a hard or an easy (thank you Theo) delivery, you grew them, and got them here. You are amazing. So when you are horrified much like I was, that your body didn't immediately snap back. Remember that.

Going back again to when I was pregnant, I told my best friend that if something ever happened to me to please delete my google search history. I googled everything! "What happens when..." What if..." "Is it possible that..." If you're pregnant or a new mom, stop second guessing yourself on the little things. When something feels right or wrong it probably is. Mom instinct is real. 

So I wanted to say thank you to everyone who helped me along the way, given me advice (solicited or not and a special thank you to my Sister Sarah (mom of four!) for her advice, wisdom, and patience.) because it has truly helped me develop as a Mom. And I must say keep those baby photos and bump updates coming on Facebook and Insta. I sure do feel honored to be in such great company. Thanks for stopping by Fast Fashionista today!

Thanks to my own Mom for hooking Theo and I up with these matching Adidas tracksuits!

Thanks to my own Mom for hooking Theo and I up with these matching Adidas tracksuits!

Cheers Mammas!