Time To Suit Up

I've really been into suits lately and this one is no exception. It was a very gloomy day and I felt it needed some color.  The pattern of this suit makes me so happy! Pairing it with my fancy red heels really made the look. I was having not the best hair day so a sock bun had to do. But thats ok because pearl studs always save the day. My handbag is Italian Leather from our trip to Rome.  

So for Fast Tip Tuesday let's talk about the red lip. My quick tip today is to try different shades to find your perfect red. How will you know? The right red will make you teeth, hair, and eyes light up. The wrong one won't. 

Have a spectacular Tuesday! xoxo

The Right Color

Are you needing a solid colorful handbag but are confused on the right color? Look no further! This is my newest love and according to Diane Von Furstenberg my favorte color is the perfect color for your solid color bag. This fabulous shade pairs well with bright hues or neutrals. Bright outfits will make it pop right along with them and as far as the tans and blacks, well they let the bag do the talking. Also, not that it matters to me but this will be a great color to transition from Winter to Spring. 

National Handbag Day!

A very happy National Handbag Day to you! Clearly this needs addressed! October 10th is now one of my new favorite days and one that certainly deserves celebrated! Champagne late of course. In honor of this completely fabulous day I wanted to share a new and also favorite of mine. Since green is my favorite color, this stunning beauty was right up my alley. When sauntering down the streets of Rome I stumbled into a handbag shop and immediately grabbed this as if it were begging me to. Green, handmade Italian Leather. I knew I was in love and I knew it was mine. Even MK said "Seriously, you have to get that". This, coming from the guy who always says I have enough purses. It really was as special as I deep down knew it was. Every now and again a piece comes along that you know you'll have and love forever, here is mine.


Now I want to hear about your favorite! Tell me all about it as we celebrate National Handbag Day!