Summer Fashion

Chic In A Rush

As you may know, I'm a pretty fast mover by nature but since having Theo I had to kick it up a notch. Usually caffeine induced but still. A lot of times due to a screaming baby who just wants held or spur of the moment plans I only have maybe 15 minutes to get ready and be out the door. So today I'm talking about five never-fail items to have in your closet so that you are prepared for these moments. 

Chambray All Day

Without headed out in the usual jeans, these paper bag (my favorite!!) chambray pants are so versatile and always pretty. 

Fun fact: I couldn't get my back shoe on here because of a hurt toe. Which is why I'm standing all kinds of crazy.

Fun fact: I couldn't get my back shoe on here because of a hurt toe. Which is why I'm standing all kinds of crazy.

A Good Pop

I have posted these shoes a million times because I love them so. For me, adding a blue, red, or occasional pink pop to an outfit can really make it. Even if it's all black on those kind of days. I can't tell you how many times a blue or red shoe toally saved my outfit.


Trail Blazer

Be it a dress, pants or skirt, throw on a good blazer and some accessories and you'll look like there was intent behind this look instead of the truth which was me running around like a chicken with my head cut off. 


Hopefully this helps the next time you find yourself needing to look good in a pinch! 

May your Tuesday be short and your coffee super strong. 


Ahead Of The Trends

Let me first start off by saying that I love summer. Not as much as I used to but the love is still there. But it is that time of year that if you’re into fashion then you’re looking ahead at the fall fashion trends. Don’t get me wrong I have every intention of soaking up every minute of this first summer with my boys but let’s do it with style! I’m sharing a fun summer look that you can wear now but still be on point for fall.

Print Mixing was everywhere for Fashion Week and I must say I couldn't be more thrilled as I love to pattern mix. Floral, stripes, and leopard is my favorite way to pattern mix. If you are unsure about it try just two patterns and a neutral piece.


 I don't know about you but I need alllll of the coffee today. Here's to hoping this Tuesday brings us some positive vibes and some strong java.