Fall Fashion Favorites


What a day to celebrate! I don’t care if it’s going to be one hundred degrees everything about Summer is dead to me. We can officially indulge in Pumpkin, Pumpkin Spice, and the best part about this season…


Let me start off this Fall Fashion Post by saying never ever be a slave to “trends”. If you don’t like it or it doesn’t fit your body type don’t wear it! I’ve said this a million times and I will keep saying it, always stay true to yourself and your style. The following list is just a combination of my favorite current trends that really aren’t that much of a trend to me because I wear most of these pieces on the regular. They just happen to be trending. And I’m pretty thrilled about it, too. Let’s get to it!

I thought it was pretty perfect to add in Dior’s Dictionary Word Seasons for this post as well!


Here is Pantone’s color palette for the season for your reference.


Long coats and dusters

Coats this season are loooong. I deeply love this trend because being a tall chick when I find a coat or duster that’s actually long enough for me (it means shorties need them hemmed, haha! I don’t feel bad you can’t add fabric.) I’m truly ecstatic! Even though a lot of them could still be longer.


While it’s true leopard is no new trend it was indeed all over the runways. And lets face it this long leopard coat will literally go with anything and everything. Plus it’s cozy for this pregnant lady so I expect to be living in it all fall.


Monochrome Reds

Wine (also known as Biking Red), or Chili Pepper are the big ones. I went for bright Chili Pepper and I’m loving that this is a color for Fall. I think it really brightens up the usual fall colors. Make a statement with this head to toe look this season!

"The color story suggests rich tones, each capable of making a statement, but also with a versatility that creates warmth and harmony when paired together,” said Leatrice Eiseman, Executive Director of the Pantone Color Institute. 


Rich Green, Lingerie as outerwear, the power blazer

I was so happy to see so much green for Fall! It’s having a major moment. For me? This moment is always as it has always been my favorite color. Also, blazers are huge too so I’ve combined three trends into one for this look. Lingerie as outerwear is also still going strong right now.

This color is close to Eden in the Pantone Autumn/Winter 2019/20 color palette.

This color is close to Eden in the Pantone Autumn/Winter 2019/20 color palette.


This one was on my list last year too and I’m happy to talk about it again. If you know me even a little then you know this is not a trend to me. A good cape (or several) is an absolute staple in my closet. It was also on my fall fashion list last year. I’m thrilled to see that it is once again “trendy” this fall. But, don’t think I won’t still be wearing them in ten years.

Snake Print

You’ve likely already added something to your wardrobe that is snake print. Or in my case have a ton to already choose from. The fabulous thing about this print is that you can use it to switch up your usual leopard. It’s everywhere so pants, coats, dresses, or blazers it’s your call to make this trend exactly what you want it to be and what is the most “you”. Of course my newest addition is snake print boots.


Statement Shoes

Bright heels were seen on the runways of Saint Laurent, Victoria Beckham, and Emilio Pucci this season and it’s the perfect way to add a little zing to your wardrobe. A bright colored shoe is such a great way to finish your look by making it the exclamation mark to your outfit. Yellow is a great option too because it goes with so much. I’m always down to add a blue shoe to a look but this is a great alternative too.

All of these shoes are from Just Fab.

All of these shoes are from Just Fab.

I hope you’re headed apple picking or doing something very fall today!

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