Au Revoir “Sunday Scaries”

Happy Sunday Friends!

I know I’ve said before how much I love Monday’s but on today’s rare Sunday Fast post I’m sharing what I do on this day to prepare for my week ahead so that all Monday is, is a fresh start. Don’t get me wrong I spend time relaxing on this day too but I’m a big fan of “eating the frog”. So here is my list of things that doing on Sunday that make Monday better.

  1. Clean the house as much as possible so that I can detail clean throughout the week.

2. Gather and organize laundry for Monday (my laundry day).

3. I take a look at my week and see what shoots we have so that I can plan dinner accordingly.

4. Take a little bit of time to decide what dinner will be. On nights where MK works late I do a slow cooker recipe.

If nothing else is going on that day we totally relax, enjoy the clean house, and watch Theo run around.

Confession: I still have a paper planner and love it!! Sure I have one on my phone that MK and I share but I’m still old school in the way that I like to write down everything for the week.


I hope you all have a fantastic Sunday and start your week off organized and clear headed!