Spin It Your Way

Bonjour Friends!

How does it feel like it should be like Thursday by now? Maybe because I have a teething toddler who is just not having it. Anyway, Forth of July Week! I hope that means you get some days off!

This week, Dior’s Dictionary Word is “Collars”. At first I wasn’t all that interested in this word but then I started to think about ways I could really make it my own. Which is what I do with most things but I’m so excited with how I’ve been rocking my collars!


I chose a crisp white collar because to me it felt like a blank canvas that I could do anything to. As I’ve talked about before I loved the fashion in “A Simple Favor” and these looks felt very reminiscent of that style. I certainly agree with Dior that it’s amazing how many collars are out there! They really can make or break a look. But, I will be wearing this top twice, sorry Christian.


The moral of my post today?

Make it your own and put your own spin on fashion!