My Type of Stripe

MK and I were a little under the weather this past weekend so our week got off to a rocky start. On the upswing now and ready to get into the Dior Word of the Week.


I’m my humble opinion, I feel like stripes are a huge fundamental of fashion. My favorite is the classic black and white but believe me I wear more than just that.


I think it’s hard to go wrong with stripes. They can be elegant or edgy too. Also, I think fashion has gotten a little more lax since the days of Dior. While yes, it’s still true to keep your shape in mind. Head to toe horizontal stripes without anything to break it up might not be the best idea but if you like it then wear it. 

I love a good black and white look but I also love to throw in a color or something unexpected like a glitter pump. The point? Have fun with stripes! Add a floral pattern in there or even leopard! 

Here is to hoping that your Tuesday goes fast, your coffee strong, and a little fun comes your way!