Put Together and Polished

Clearly we all know what earrings are. But I must say I just adore the way Dior speaks. This was the days where heading to the country for a weekend was a thing. I picture that couple sitting in a convertible, the woman with a scarf around her head so that her hair doesn’t get messed up buy the wind…

Okay, enough day dreaming….


Having worked in jewelry for a couple of years I got to see to many amazing earrings. True works of art. And I believe every woman should have a simple pair of earrings for every day. My favorite is of course, pearls. But I must say nowadays, you don’t have to save those big fun earring just for evening. Here are two pretty different looks of mine:


Even if your hair is down earrings really do finish off a look. This could be the only jewelry you have on and it will still always make you look more polished and put together.

Here is to a new week!