Dolled Up

Hello Friends! Happy Tuesday!

As you may have seen on my Instagram, MK and I attended this years Heart Ball this past weekend and I thought it would be the perfect time (as it may be my only super dressed up date night this year) to share this Dior Dictionary Word.

Ball Gown.jpg

If I’m being honest, 97% of the time I think the word “dreamy” is stupid. But in this case, I just love the way Dior describes a ball gown. He truly makes it sound, well…dreamy. Even in a time when they dressed up far more than we do now he still creates such an image.

It was so fun to get all dressed up with The Husband. As I said, we, rarely get very dressed up these days. So I feel like this is a good reminder that every now and again, it’s important to dress up with your significant other. And as Dior said, having a beautiful gown in your closet is just as important as a suit and great for when you need to look nice for a fancy occasion.


Enjoy your day!