Stack ‘Em High

The good news about today is that we are only one day from the weekend starting right?

One of my very favorite things to make is a good stacked dish. I’ve used this tool before when I was showing you how to plate a stacked salad. This is the first time that I used both metal rings on top of each other to make an even taller stack. It’s so easy to do, and quite impressive if you’re serving it for dinner.


These Tuna Stacks are simple but pack a punch of delicious and are perfect for your sushi fix. Start with your first metal ring and press your rice in (I used sticky but regular white would be fine too). Then, do the same with avocado, cucumber, and then crab.


When you’re adding the ingrediencies, once you get to a point where your first metal ring is running out of room that’s when you add the second one. Mine was about when I added the crab.


If you don’t have metal rings, you can make this on a tad smaller scale with a one cup measuring cup. I’ve done that before too. After you are happy with your stack very carefully add the tuna (I seared on each side for about a minute or so).


For the finishing touch add a mix of lite mayo and Sriracha, and drizzle on top.


I mean, it’s Thursday after all, I don’t see anything wrong with starting the weekend a little early.

What do you say?