My Few Scents

It was a perfect August day, 75 degrees and just the right amount of sun. As I stood outside of the church in my wedding dress moments away from getting to marry the man of my dreams, a cool breeze blew, and all I could smell was Coco Mademoiselle, my perfume. I closed my eyes, and truly took in the moment.

I consider this to be my signature scent and have worn it many, many times after our wedding and before it too. I called it my “wedding scent” as I started to wear it the April before we got married. This scent reminds me of some of the best moments in my life (including when I met Theo). Perfume is so much more powerful than sometimes the credit we give it.


This is truly the finishing touch of getting ready. As Dior says, you can change your perfume with your mood. As true as this is I have always changed mine with the seasons. My Chanel my one that never changes. But, for Spring, I love “Miss Dior”, for Summer I like “Yellow Diamond” by Versace, Fall is Marc Jacobs “Decadence”, and Winter is “Illicit” by Jimmy Choo.

I have so many memories evoked by smell. When I was in high school, every fall I pulled out my “Amber Romance” by Victoria Secret. If I were to smell that right now, I would be transported to a Fall Friday evening, standing on the football field on a Friday night getting ready to cheer. It never left my cheer bag and that was the only time I used it.

Every Easter, MK and I have made the tradition to get each other a new (or one we’re out of) fragrance. And when he leaves for work in the morning, but his scent lingers it makes my heart so happy. We also have a matching perfume that is only made and bottled in Capri, Italy. When we were running around on that gorgeous island, we came across this perfumery and got the His and Hers “In Love” fragrance. I rarely wear it because once it’s gone it’s gone. Unless of course we end up there again.

Okay, I’m done telling stories. For now. Unless we go as far back as Cucumber Melon form Bath & Body. Where are my 90’s gals? Haha. Back on track, like Dior says, perfume as been used since the start of civilization. So, I thought it would be fun to give you five fun perfume facts:

  1. No matter which perfume you choose, it will smell different on you than anyone else.

  2. The famous Chanel No 5 has one thousand jasmine flowers.

  3. Scents can improve your mood. Stressed out? Try Eucalyptus. Works for me every time (it’s my body wash).

  4. Your nose gets completely used to often used scents. Don’t over do it.

  5. Jean Carles, who actually created Miss Dior, insured his nose for one million dollars.

    So if this Monday brings you nothing else, at least smell good and spritz your go-to perfume.

    Also, stay tuned for a new drink recipe and five perfume tips on Friday’s Martini Moment.

Perfume is the most intense form of memory.
— Jean Paul Guerlain