Accentuate You

I feel like I need a redo for Monday...

I find it so interesting that Dior published his Fashion Dictionary book in 1954 and all of the things that changed. Also some that hasn’t. I absolutely love today’s word “Accent”. It’s like the exclamation point to your final look. I love things that are personal and an accent as Dior so perfectly puts, no one can do it better than you. Now, no one is really wearing a flower per say, but accents are still alive and well in the fashion world.


I’ve loved bees for a really long time. Far longer than the Gucci boom when you started to see them everywhere. This Swarovski bee pin is so fun to add to literally anything! A coat, blazer, or as shown here on a scarf. I feel like a pin in the perfect accent to any outfit. Find one that speaks to you.


Tuesday’s are weird. Hope yours isn’t. Get a strong coffee kick it’s ass.