The Good Freeze

Hey guys, it’s Friday and we made it through the week!

That means it’s time for a cocktail, right?

I don’t know about you but I had one busy week! We had tons of shoots, including a fabulous engagement. And, of course, the mothering of my son and dogs is nonstop, that’s just the way I like it. Now, if only I could get a handle on this laundry? Eff.


We, here in Southwestern Pennsylvania, had a week of 4° and the next day it was 60° and then ended the work week with some snow and I thought it was only appropriate to make “The Frozen Martini”. This easy cocktail is way easy, way good, and much needed. 

What you need:


What you do:

All you do for this one is add everything but the Sprite to a shaker full of ice and strain into a rimmed martini glass (I used blue icing and coconut shreds), then just top with Sprite and enjoy!

So, no matter where you are, I hope this weekend is jam packed with all the things you love!