Staying Warm

Greetings to you on this chilly Monday morning.

Well the winter snow is officially upon us and I thought this would be the perfect time to focus on Dior’s word of the week which is Coats!


This is hands down my favorite coat! When I first laid eyes on this beauty I was very pregnant and feeling pretty gross in everything I put on. But when I saw it I knew that it would be the perfect addition to my coat collection. It’s from Banana Republic and was a collaboration with my favorite style icon Olivia Palermo.

Dior touches on Summer coats which I love. But I think the kimono has sort of taken over the silk summer coat as it is so similar. Isn’t it funny that there was a time that you didn’t leave the house without a coat no matter the season? There were even house coats back then. Which I wouldn’t mind that coming back. He also talks a lot of practicality. In my opinion, red is very practical and goes with almost everything. The style of this coat is also timeless. Invest in pieces you’ll have forever.


Here’s to staying warm in a chic way in your favorite coat!