Your Superhero Piece

I always like to start the week off with a hot (and strong) coffee and a good dose of fashion.

In my Fall Fashion post I talked about how much I love a cape look. It has been a fashion staple of mine for years but I have really been loving seeing the fabulous cape on so many runways for the 2018 fall/winter season. The cape truly does speak to me so I’m giving you five reasons to get on board with my favorite trend this season.

  1. If you like the coat draped over your shoulders look but actually need to move your arms the cape will let you do this and still look chic. No need to be worried if your coat is going to slip off your shoulders.

  2. It will truly elevate any look. Use it to dress up your jeans (like I did in my fall fashion post), or really kick your skirt or dress outfit up a notch.

  3. The cape is a great alternative to a blazer if you are looking to switch it up.

  4. Make your all black look a little more interesting. MK and I usually wear black to weddings when we are working and sometimes that can get a little boring. I mean I LOVE an all black look but adding a cape keeps it very chic and more interesting.

  5. Why not feel like a modern day superhero?

I hope your Monday goes by as fast as the weekend did!